I have 16,000 miles on my '08. I just flashed the 2.0 less than 100 miles ago. Service tech says 2008 clutch is inferior to 2009. I drive it pathetically slow all the time, but I'm almost at the 24month mark and I read somewhere in here that the extended warranty won't cover clutch replacement. I aint gonna get stuck with no $1400 in repairs on a new car!

*My Questions: Are others replacing their '08 clutches left and right ? How do I know if the clutch disk is about to leave me stranded? Is it true about extended warranty still not covering clutches past 24mo/24k mi?

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There is a software patch that has been used with good success on some of the cars with the 'won't go in reverse' problem. Apparently there is a computer error code that can come up which won't let the car go in reverse. This is different than the clutch problem where the clutch won't engage. Check with the dealer.
How does one distinguish clutch slippage from the "normal" shift lag we experience? Having a very early 2009, I've wondered about this issue. Although my dealer said only certain VIN numbers are affected by this problem.

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