I own an '09 Passion and have been very happy with this vehicle! However I now have peeling clearcoat. Have as yet not been able to get much help with this problem. Has anyone else had the same issue?

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There are several threads on SCoA about peeling clearcoat on a small number of cars.

Several have reported that their 09 Rally Red cars in some instances, the clear coat has started to peel or delaminate. I have personally observed this on one rally red vehicle.  My wife has an 09 rally red Pure and so far the clear coat has not delaminated.  It has been suggested that you contact smart USA on their Facebook page, tell them your concern and provide your vin. #.  They are supposed to contact you after posting this info. on their FB page.

Good luck. 

I contacted Park Place Motorcars where I bought my Smart. They looked at it and decided hood panel behind front license plate and the right front fender and door and the right rear fender are peeling.mthey called and told me the panels were $801.00 plus $490. Labor and they would give me 10% off which would have been about 100.00. The car has been great with no break downs in 80,000 miles but Mercedes does not care about Smart customers. They won't even reset the service reminder if they do not do the service.

You need to call smartUSA directly, not the dealer or smart Center. Open up a case & have one of their field reps inspect your vehicle. The telephone # is on a sticker affixed to the inside of the driver's side sun visor.

I called smartUSA directly - and they told me to contact my dealer/smartCenter - who would need to see/inspect my Smart.  Yes I have peeling clear coat on a red 2009 Smart - hood, tailgate and one rear fender.

My wife's '09 rally red passion makes yours look like it's in pristine condition, there's no clearcoat at all on the access cover. There's peeling on all panels except the right rear, that's the one that got replaced in an accident.

I too have a 2009 Passion Cabriolet Red in color. I have a bout 70 percent clear coat peeled on the front and rear right side of the car. The font panel behind the license plate is also peeled pretty bad. I have already replaced the hood myself. All the other panels are peeling to some extent. I contacted Smart USA and they had the dealer contact me. I took the vehicle in for them to check it. They later contacted me and offered 10 percent off of the labor and new panels I needed at that time. Cost of panels and labor was about $1000.00 to $1100.00 and they offered $100.00 off.

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