My 10,000 mile service is looming large on the calendar. Question: What range of cost have the members experienced for their very first ownership service experienced? I know Mercedes dealers tend to treat us poorly, so I was curious about just how much I am going to be gouged on my first service...  Any info would be greatly appreciated...

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It would be nice to NOT have to make the three-hour drive for a minor service!

I love my Smart, Im on my second one, wife has one too,  but if someone asked me to list what I DONT like about it one thing I would say is the service is expensive.  But I am always treated well there. Price does vary by location, I had to order an extra key and it was over $50 cheaper in Louisville KY than in Indianapolis, IN. even though it comes from the same factory.

The cost varies, when I lived in Northern VA, they told me the service would be around $600, I moved to ATL just before the service was due and the service cost me $183 at Mercedes of Buckhead in ATL.  

$579 was the quote I got.  But, they let me sit in the lounge with the rich Mercedes lawyers and doctors and eat gourmet treats and coffee, custom made one cup at a time.  I asked 'em, before I told 'em to stuff it, if they'd take $200 off if I stayed outside on the sidewalk and didn't use their bathroom.  No go.

Jiffy Lube will change the oil and filter for $32 if I bring the queer little riding lawn mower filter.  If you want the OEM filter, Mitsubishi has them lots cheaper.

Thank you for this! I laughed out loud! It really does point up the way we are treated by the classist Mercedes staff.

My real question was about my options.  I am a more than capable mechanic and can easily complete the procedures on my own...  However, I was lead to believe that because my car is leased, I am required to have the 10K mile service completed at the dealer.  I am hearing from others that this is not the case.  I would be far more comfortable doing the service locally as my nearest Smart Center is a three-hour drive away.  I intend to retain my Smart at lease-end, but do not relish the idea of paying fines to Mercedes-Benz Financial for disobeying their commandments. 


Dan Hennagir said:
As a side note, at one point I was tempted to change the oil before 10, 000. I'm at 7, 000 now and the oil is blaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaack!

There's something seriously wrong with your engine! Yikes! Only diesels turn oil black! Used Mobil 1 synthetic is lightly beige. Your engine must be pouring fuel down its gullet. How black is the back bumper and exhaust pipe, inside?

Hope the little pig is under warranty. This could be big money if it's valve troubles, a Smart trait, or injection... Fuel pressure is 42 pounds and is critical. The stupid regulator is INSIDE the $550 fuel pump! It needs to be tested on the Star computer....Oil in gas engines should NEVER be "black".

jwight said:

Dan, I'd ask to see the requirement to have your leased smart serviced by M-B in writing; I know of at least one other leased smart where that isn't being done and there may be more.  I don't think any company can require that but I am not a leasing expert.

Larry Butler replies:

Our little cars are also in violation of 15USC50 2302(c) which says:

"(c) Prohibition on conditions for written or implied warranty; waiver by Commission

No warrantor of a consumer product may condition his written or implied warranty of such product on the consumer’s using, in connection with such product, any article or service (other than article or service provided without charge under the terms of the warranty) which is identified by brand, trade, or corporate name;"  Then it goes on to explain the FTC can issue a waiver Smart doesn't have.
Notice in your owner's manual the special cancer-drug-priced BRANDED and SPECIFIC oil Daimler demands be used in the Rolex designed and built manual transmission, OR ELSE the Swiss watch parts may explode.  FEDERAL LAW says, in quite plain English, this oil must be provided to the consumer WITHOUT CHARGE for the life of the vehicle, NOT THE $35-$45 a pint at the stealer's parts counter.  At these medical prices, why are we paying for it?  It's another mystery, like the requirements for the most expensive gas at any gas station....stupid.

I looked in my glove box and checked the receipts from my past services. The 10,000 mile service costed $167.96.  The charges included perform lube, oil and filter change with dust filter and minor maintenance. Also a NYS inspection.  However the 20,000 mile service was significantly more at $400.50. This visit did not include a NYS inspection. It included everything from the 10,000 mile service with the addition of an engine air filter and a brake flush. Hope this helps

Although of course it would be nice to utilize the expertise of a smart certified technician for maintenance of your smart, it is not mandatory to use them for service. If you do it yourself, be sure to save the receipts for the oil and filter, and maybe take a dated photo of your odometer to show when you did it!

You should dig through that huge pile of papers you signed to see if that's true. I signed a document that says I WILL have the 10,000 mile maintenance performed but it doesn't specify that it has to be done by MB.

Dan Hennagir said:

Yeah... I've read (and experienced) that we're treated pretty shabbily as a rule... My car is leased, so I'm FORCED to have my service performed at MB.

Mine is leased as well. I gives me comfort to know my beloved smart is getting the best where I am unable to do it myself. I hate paying the price ofcourse, but I get comfort knowing my car is safe to drive and getting the best care. I love my little C>sparkle and I being a women am afraid to be broken down somewhere and all alone. Knowing my little smart is getting the best  care to me is worth the price of my own safety. 

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