Hi, I hope I can get some help and advice from some smart owners. This is my story. I purchased a 2008 Passion on Dec 12 2009. It has 3,450 miles on it.One owner. I test drove it..loved it..bought it. When I went to pick it up at the dealer in Springfield Mathey said it didn't start. They had had the car since July and have never had a problem. They said that after I drove it the manager was putting it away and saw that the "wrench light" was lit on the dash. They had their mechanic reset the "oil change " thingie...for lack of the correct termon my part. They said that he read the manual and did what the instructions said. Immediately after him doing it the car wouldn't start. They informed me that the car was sent on a flatbead to the SmartCar Dealer in Hartford, Conn to fix the problem. I have been in contact with the dealer where I purchased the car every day and he is keeping me ipdated about the progress. They can't seem to pinpoint the problem. They replaced the entire computer/smart system. It worked for a day then didn't start again. They say that it had the 02 upgrade done on the car. So I still don't have my car but I am starting to be so concerned about owning one as I am afraid of this happening often. My nearest Smart Dealer is 35 minutes away in Warwick Rhode Island. If anyone has had similar problems I would appreciate your help. My picture posted is a model that I keep on my table. Thanks, Doreen

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I would request that the dealer provide you with another vehicle since you did not take possession of this car and it obviously has an issue. Hopefully, the dealer will cooperate? If not I would contact an attorney and sue for rescission of the contract and you should get your money back or another vehicle of similar value that is acceptable to you.
I think the smart center will eventually find what’s wrong with your smart, I looked a little on the web, and all I could find was about older smarts (2006) having problems with some kind of immobilizer installed. I never heard of that in the 2008, but I might be mistaken. Wish you the best.
That's strange. The smart center will fix it eventually. The smarts are great cars.
Thanks Jason...I sure hope so...Doreen
Randy and I chatted and we speculate that it might be something with the key, weak battery in the remote or the anti theft system.

Let us know what the smart center finds out.

Hi MJB, Thanks for the message.mI caloled the Smart Dealer this morning and he says he is in contact with Germany Smart people for help. It is still a mystery.I will keep you informed. I will pass along your suggestion to them. Doreen
Doreen said:
Hi MJB, Thanks for the message. I called the Smart Dealer this morning and he says he is in contact with Germany Smart people for help. It is still a mystery.I will keep you informed. I will pass along your suggestion to them. Doreen
Robert Stout said:
Have you tried keeping your foot away from the accelerator when you turn the key to start the car??? Stepping on,or pumping the accelerator when you turn the key will achieve the problem you are experiencing...After turning the key to ignite,, RELEASE IT so the computer can start your car...Rather than a problem with the car,it may be a problem with the driver...
It may be a key issue check with the dealer as I had a friend that had a problem like that and the dealer said it was the keys.
Hi Paul, Thank you for your message. The dealer found that it was the transmissioncomputer that was faulty. He replaced the computer which is under the drivers seat and all is well.

Thank you,

Glad to hear your smartie is 'on the road again'. Have a Happy smart Year!


I am so thrilled with my smartie. I am having so much fun. I hope you have a smart New Year too.

Thanks for your support,


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