2011 Smart Car with electric drive needed on short term lease (30 days) for NHTSA study on Quieter Vehicles

I need to find a 2011 Smart Car with electric drive for a short term lease (30 days) for a NHTSA study on Quieter Vehicles.

NHTSA will pay $40 per day for the use of the car and will pick it up and return it to you using a rollback tow truck (or hire a transport if it is too far away) to minimize the mileage put on it while it is in NHTSA's posession. The car will be driven in a straight line at low speed (up to approx. 20 mph) over a special flat asphalt test surface for sound measurements.

The car will not be modified or harmed in any way. The car will be driven less than 150 miles and is needed for one month (approx. June 1-30).

Now, I know that this car was just a prototype and that the production model will be released later this year. However, we are obligated by contract to try to find and test one of these prototypes within the next month or so. I have not been able to find one at any of the dealers within 500 miles of our site (NHTSA's Vehicle Research and Test Center at East Liberty, Ohio). I tried contacting Smart USA using their web E-mail form on the company web site a couple of times, but they won't reply. I tried calling the Customer Service number on the web site, but the nice lady who answered the phone told me I would have to contact a Smart dealer (which I already had done).

Our local Smart dealer has been as helpful as he can. He is going to provide us with a gas powered Smart car to test, but he said that his district rep told him that the electric Smart cars are just not available anywhere in the country. However, on the outside chance that not all of them have been sent back to Germany, I am hoping that somebody can help me find one.

I can E-mail you a copy of NHTSA's standard lease form. All of the lease terms, including the daily rate, are negotiable.

Larry Smith
Research Engineer
Transportation Research Center, Inc.
On assignment to NHTSA, Vehicle Research and Test Center
E-Mail: Larry.A.Smith.CTR@dot.gov
Telephone: 937-666-3250
FAX: 937-666-3590

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Hi Larry,

Please visit http://media.mbusa.com/ and submit a request.


You want to rent one for a month and I want to buy one forever. If you end up getting a hold of one let us know because I've got cash in hand!

Try Hertz rental company in Washington DC or in NY City.  They have electric drives for rent, and may be willing to do a special deal with you to take it out of state.

Otherwise, I know that there are a few dealerships that still have electric drives in-house.  Might be worth calling around to some of the larger markets.  The dealership in Tyson's Corner, Virginia was very helpful to me when I was in DC.  They might know a thing or two about getting ahold of one.

Take care,   Mindy

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