You may have seen this survey mentioned on the main page; if you've seen it what do you think about the options offered?  How about the locations?  The event in Kansas City went well because there were two enthusiastic smart centers willing to pitch in to make it a success, as well as a strong owners club (MO-KAN smartclub) to provide a pool of volunteers.  I'm not sure the same situation exists in St. Louis and Denver.  The largest groups of owners are on the east and west coasts - would it make more sense to have an event on each coast the next time around (as the Mini owners do) with a single national event every three years or so?


What are your thoughts?

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I spent a lot of the last 40 years as an internationally published auto journalist (and that was largely responsible for getting me into a smart car) In the process, I attended many dozens of "One Brand" car meets, most of them national gatherings. The downside to regional meets is the obvious splitting of the attendance, and the liklihood that folks like Smart Madness would not make all (if any) events. Or for that matter, smart USA execs,

Some groups like Corvette owners love to congregate each year in Bloomington, but they are obsessed with showing and judging. By contrast, Viper and Jeep owners schedule events around the country, with local groups vying for their region, much like Olympic committees.

Unless smart USA steps in up front and takes over the backing, front money and basic organizing leadership (which was the case with the Saturn Homecomings, Jeep, Viper, most Mustang and Mercedes events) Someone will have to take the initiative and just do it. We are far too late to do anything of consequence for 2011, but we have large groups in Florida and California, and plenty of vacation oriented venues.

IMHO, other logical locations would be Washington, DC, Washington State, Colorado, Phoenix or Tuscon, or anywhere in the Appalachians or New England.

The KC gang did a great job of breaking the ice, and you know it can be done.  And the Dragon guys and the Dells organizers have put on great gatherings.

Just DO IT!!


@BOB - what is IMO and IMHO that you keep using? 



In My Opinion and In My Humble Opinion


Cheers, Old dog Bob ... with a new trick


Jan in West U said:

@BOB - what is IMO and IMHO that you keep using? 



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