I have a new 2016smart, when the gauge shows I am down to my last 1.3 gallons of gas, I refuel the car, but I can only put 5.7-5.9 gallons of fuel into the car, the gauge then shows full. I went back to my dealer and they are telling me that the car is working fine, yet I am never able to put the 8.7 gallons of fuel in the car as the manual says the car holds (and as my previous 2008 did). Is there anyone with a new smart also doing this. I'm just not understanding as I was able to drive atleast 325 miles to a tank of gas, on my 2008 and now I am forced to fill at only 225 miles to a tank, did they change the tank size and not let anyone know??? (ps: I even tried in on the 2016 loaner smart I got from the dealer and I was only able to put 4.9 gallons in when the gauge was down to the last notch) Please help!!!!


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Took my car in and was told that Mercedes is aware of the issue but have no plans to correct the issue at this time. Thank Odin I leased this one.

If you look in the forum you'll see that this is a common thread with the new Smarts. Some members have checked, and it seems that there may be an error with the fuel gauge software, as many members have apparently verified through various sources that there is - indeed - an 8.7 gal tank. I personally haven't checked how much REAL fuel is in the tank after the reserve light and gauge are activated, but one member found that there was more than 1.3 gal remaining. 

I notice there was one source responding that said MB was not doing anything to fix the issue, and there are numerous other sources and members reporting that MB is working on it. 

You are always able to call the SMART Owners Customer Line at 

1-800-762-7887. Press 2 for customer care - and speak to them yourself.


BTW: I own a new SMART Edition One with the same issue. 

I've found that if you put the gas in as slow as possible you can get more into the tank. It will shut off several times but I watch to make sure I'm not going over 7gallons, when I'm down on the last gallon. I've also started to get better gas mileage with mine now that the gas stations don't have the winter additive in the fuel. I'm now closer to 40 mpg which I was in my 2008 Smart. Thank goodness!!! and it drives better with the air conditioning on then my old one.


ps: still wish it had a bigger cup holder. LOL

From the reports that I have seen, the issue will be correct with the MY 17 vehicles, and will likely be covered under warranty work for MY 16 as soon as the plan is finalized. Expect to hear more about this in the next few months!

Yeh, let's hope it is corrected soon. I do hate messing with the gas pump, but like I said it works.

Through careful testing, I have determined that there are still between two and three gallons left in the tank when the gauge says it is empty.  On long car trips, I just go an extra eighty or so miles (tracked by resetting the trip guage); however, this isn't the safest solution, so I too hope they come up with a fix soon.  Given the behaviour of the gauge, I am convinced the problem is either

1. the float is not positioned correctly in the tank (it reaches the end of its movement too early)

2. the computer has been programmed to keep a safety margin to prevent people from running out of gas

Has this issue been corrected yet?

I have a 2016 Smart Prime Turbo and after a year of dealing with this frustrating fuel tank capacity problem, Mercedes finally replaced my gas tank and fuel sending unit. Now I can pump over 7 gallons of gas into my car when the gas gauge says almost empty. Please contact your Smart / Mercedes service dept to have the gas tank replaced.

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