I recently got a flat rear tire on my Smart car. The tire repair kit is a joke - you can't use it unless your tire damage is very slight and limited. You can't use it on flat tires. I had to have the car towed to my mechanic to try to get the flat repaired. Without a spare tire, my mechanic had to call at least 10 tire places until he found a Discount Tire that had the tire. It took 2 hours to get the tire from their warehouse. Meanwhile I lost 4 hours of work, because of this tire hassle. It would be nice if Smart let their customers know where to get spare tires in the event of a flat.

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www.thetirerack.com sells WHEEELS & TIRES. ( Cheaper than Dealers !! )

"Tire Rack"... Tire and front wheel mounted and shipped around $200. Smartie bag by "The Bag Lady"
You can also buy a plug kit to fix your own flat, costs about five bucks. This is the fourth car I've had without a spare, w/o TPMS and without run flat tires, over four years of driving. I have had three flats in that time. One about a mile from the house and not totally flat, felt the handling squishiness and got home in time to get it repaired. The other two were at work, again not totally flat, filled at corner gas station and drove to a tire repair shop.

Have I been lucky or is this typical?
Regarding the tire repair kit, I think even the dealer would likely agree. When I picked up my car, they told me just to call the road side assistance rather than try and use the kit.
I used the repair kit after my wife ran over a hugh pot hole and pinched the tire wall at the rim. The kit worked great really simple and easy to use, was back on the road quicker than I could have changed the tire - and drove the car for 50 more miles just the way it was before changing the tire
Piece of cake and wouldnt dream of carrying around an extra spare tire - such a wast of space and extra weight to lug around
Graeme. Was your wife able to do the repair on the road side?
What if she had broken a wheel? Alloy wheels often break in pothole hits...
We have broken two on our Subis

A call to AAA gets a guy right out who will put on the spare, and my wife is back on the road with a minimum of delay... Good luck... A2Jack.
A2Jack--I'm 5'10" and am wondering if I can be comfortable with the seat far enough forward to stow the spare tire behind the drivers seat as you have done. Would you mind telling me your height please and also how to find the Bag Lady. Can't seem to find her site on the internet. Thanks much.
RonM. You got an inch on me ,but I can still get one more click back. 5'10" is about the limit though. You need to stop by the Smart dealer and try out it out.
Here's "The Bag Lady".
Smart Roadside Assistance does not do tires....They will tell you to use to emergency kit....If you have AAA, then you are better off calling them for a rollback. My Sister had a 3 inch nail go through her rear tire. She called Roadside Assistance and was told to use the emergency kit which worked perfectly. Then she drove the car to the smart dealer. She had to buy a tire,valve stem, cables for the compressor, can of fix a flat. (the sensor was not damaged) Total with labor was $249. If she had called AAA then it would have been the tire and labor. Remember, the emergency kit is for emergencies only. Read the bottom of your Roadside Assistance pamplet and it will say , no tires.
I got a flat lastnight from a nail. I used the repair kit as directed but all it did was spray out the hole in the tire. Needless to say I had to get the car towed back to my house. The pump isnt even strong enough to pump the tire up, I had to use the pump I have at my house.
I tossed one of these in the pocket behind the driver's seat...

I was honestly told by the car salesperson to phone for a flatbed truck in case of a flat, unless it was a minor leak...

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