Smart Fortwo Electric Cars by 2010 - How about about an electric Smart?

Smart Fortwo Electric Cars by 2010

What do you all think about an electric Smart?

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as much as i do not want to be a nay sayer and this does not go for the smart only because they are a bit ahead of the curve. while i like the idea of an EV they all have a serious issue with range and any car that has a 100 mile or less range has firmly put its self into a in town car only and thus severly limit potental sales. =] i was thinking about this the other day and was thinking of all this talk about "wind energy" and was wondering if a fan or 2 could be installed to charge the battery while you drive on long trips. just to be clear an EV smart is a great idea but i want a longer range something compaireable to a tank of gas and quick charge stations i say charge stations instead of gas stations intentionaly because i think that EVs are what we are going to be driveing sooner tater than later
Nick I agree with your assessment, however, the battery life can be increased by simply by incorporating solar collector panels on the roof and all other flat surfaces on a car to recharge batteries while driving. We have allot of sun these days and it is smart to harness its energy for driving purposes. Battery cells are evolving constantly coupled with solar panels I believe we have a winner in the EV market place.
I agree with Ken. When I rented an appartment in Archstone they kept promissing that they would put an outlet in my parking space, but never did and while kept me waiting they were insisting that I do not charge it from the outlet in my appartment. They considered it a fire hazard and reprimanded me few times until I gave up an idea of electric vehicle while I am living there.
I cant wait to get another smart electric!!!
smart is currently testing electric smart cars in England and Germany. The range is up to 100km or about 65 miles. As a second car or city car it would be fine. For anyone who lives in the suburbs and commutes to the city that is not enough range. Such a car can't make a cross country trip, even with charging stations every 50 miles.

Back to the world of reality- When the Chevy Volt comes out as a plug in hybrid-which runs full time on the electric motor but uses the on-board engine to charge the batteries the range issue will be solved. The Volt is expected to cost between $35K and $40K.

Daimler says the price of a future smart electric will depend upon whether they sell or lease the car-because of battery cost. A smart is a fantastic car. When you make it electric it becomes a toy.
I would love to get an electric version of the smart. I think that most people drive less than 100 miles per day, I drive less than 50, so all electric would be right in my wheel house. Could that be my only car, no, but I have to have more than one car anyway. There are advancements being made in battery technology and in charging. We do need to start thinking about alternatives to driving gas cars, and the electric is here now.

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