Did anybody else read this story or hear it on the radio yesterday? Has anybody has this problem, I've never heard it here.

Smart Car Can't Make a Left Turn

From the Antelope Valley Press (this is in California) comes a story that ran yesterday: "It's a problem that has baffled German engineers, auto industry experts, Kern County road engineers and, most importantly, Samuel Wattles of Rosamond: How do you make a left turn in a new Smart Car? Wattles waited a year and a half for his Smart ForTwo -- a tiny, two-passenger car that gets more than 40 miles per gallon -- only to find that the lightweight vehicle wasn't heavy enough to set off the sensors that activate left-turn signal lights at intersections." So he can't safely make a left turn in his Smart Car! It will only turn right.

"So why wouldn't the Smart Car set off a magnetic sensor? Ken Kettenbeil, a spokesman for Smart USA, which imports the German- and French-made ForTwo, said he's never heard of anything like this. He even called company representatives in Germany -- Smart is a subsidiary of Daimler AG, makers of Mercedes-Benz vehicles -- and said they were similarly unaware. 'This is the first time we've gotten this question,' he said. 'We haven't heard this before.'"
"We've never heard of one of our cars that won't turn left. " end quote

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Go ahead...vote for Obama.

As a Democrat he will be forced to levy a special tax on Smart owners!

We will use less gas, thereby paying less motorfuel taxes...no Democrat will stand for any group getting away with paying less taxes...sooo, you must pay more via the Dumb Tax on Smart People!
I have never had this problem, I am always able to "trip" the light. (If it seems to not be functioning, I just back up a little bit and stop hard on the sensor area of the street. Works every time.) I think when we "stop hard" it provides enough momentum to make more of a difference for some sensors. What do you think about my theory?
I travel about 100 miles a day. I have not had any problem turning Left or Right or at anyother intersection. I'm Happy!!!

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