We just noticed that our date has been moved up again (yea!) and am wondering how long out does the company contact us for an order? We are a late Sept 07' and now have a delivery date of Dec - Feb 08'. Any information will be welcome.

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I have a DDE of October to December 2008, and have heard nothing yet myself, so you have while yet I guess, but it would seem there are varying times on this kind of stuff from what I have read around.
Gee- My dealer said when the car is 60 to 30 days out.
I've heard that the cars will be changing from 2008 to 2009 models sometime in October 2008. Anyone who has already configured a red or yellow car will be contacted by email before October to pick a new color from the 2009 choices.

This is only what I've heard, nothing official has been announced for the 2009 US models. It took me 7 months from the time I received the email to configure, to the time I received my smart. Total time from reservation was 12 months.
Your date will probably move a few times, mine did. (haven't picked it up yet but it's here at the dealer now) They do their best to estimate, but if your experience is anything like mine your car may show up in late december or early january. you won't hear much from the dealer until it's about 30 days out. I got a call from the dealer saying it would be here on August 5th and it actually showed up on July 24th. I'm picking it up this weekend!

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