A pair of jacks are fine when you want to lift one side of your Smartie, ,however on a forum this should not happen.

I am a2jack and I have been posting on 4 Smart forums under that name.
I now see another Jack has started posting here. This will cause confusion among our readers.

Admin, please fix this.------(Smartie is shown being raised by "Two Jacks")

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Are you suggesting that the other members are easily confused?
Crud, are you suggesting I'm suggesting?

You seem to be confused. What is your point?--- A2Jack
Your words:
This will cause confusion among our readers.

I guess I should worry about A2Crud posting on this forum...;)
At least there's only ONE A2Jack ... so far! I could sign up and use your name though. Anyone, and apparently any number of people can use A2Jack for their handle.
I searched A2Jack, and only got one match. But, search for my handle, you'll find 3 EXACT matches, and various variations. Search for a more common name than mine and you'll get a dozen or more.

I've already started a thread on this issue, because I found THREE Victor(s). Yes, EXACT matches could be confusing and I've never seen a site which allows duplication of screen names before. However, yours has not yet been duplicated. So, what's the problem?
Victor. It does seem you have a bigger problem then mine. The point here is to get the Admin to fix this. The more this issue comes up the better.

Most sites do not allow similar names to co-exist on their forums. I'm just happy the other Jack is not a Troll. I wish you good luck with the other Victors as well....A2Jack.
Yepper. But, it's not just me, I've only got three exact matches. Do a search on steve, mike, julie, sandra, or most any proper name ... and you'll find exact matches.
Most sites allow near matches, such as VictorZ or Victor12. It is the exact matches which seem to me to be a problem. When I registered, incorrectly assuming I was the first Victor, I should've been prompted to chose a different handle ... such as A2Victor, but I wasn't.
No, not just my problem. Pretty much anyone who choses for simplicity, their own first name as a handle.

For what it is worth, I DID register with your handle. I used a different email address than I originally registered with to do it. Must be a cookie placed on our computers to recognize us because even though I used a different email address my SN 'Victor' was replaced with yours on My Page and in every discussion I've taken part in. All was restored to normal as soon as I re-registered using my normal name again.

Anyone who is reading this who has chosen their first name as their screen name, go to Members tab, enter your SN in the search members box, and see what comes up for matches. Just doesn't seem right to me.

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