I got my passion three weeks ago and love this car. Since the wait now is nearly 2 years i am going to reserve another one. In 2 years i'll have a new car. My problem is in filling out the resevation form it won't submit because my email already exists in there system. Help Please!

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Gary- I also ordered another Smart a week before i picked the 1st one up. I used my daughters email address and she just forwards anything to me. I used my same name and credit card-just her email. Smart USA told me to do it that way. Hope that helps.
It can take a month or two after receiving your first car, before the reservation system you order another.
July 12, 2008: I placed the reservation for my 2nd smart within an hour of getting home with my 1st smart.

I just used a different email address, no problem.
I did initially try to use the same email as I did for my first reservation and was not allowed.
It takes about a month for the system to clear you out. After that you can use your same email. LIke most are saying, the simple way is to use anther email address (even if it is ONLY for your order) and bypass their system. Such a big company with such rediculous, annoying little problems. Oh well. We have 2 Smartcars now and have orders for in 2 more. Maybe by the time they come in they will have the electric they are now testing available. Otherwise, I may have to sell one while the demand is high and go back to using my Continental (don't want to do that).

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