An official Smart corp paint recall is being reported on SMOA. The recall is on silver tridion Cabs.

Also on SMOA is a quote from Dave Schembri saying we can use regular gas in our Smart cars. Why is this stuff not reported here,,, First. What good is this Site.---A2Jack

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Schembri said regular wouldn't damage your engine- because the knock sensors would compensate. He didn't say it was OK to use regular- The engine is designed to run premium and performance will suffer on regular- Your loss of performance will translate to lower MPG, negating any cost savings by using cheaper gas.
what is smoa?
Oh lord... did I join a... cult? :)
there is also a recall that Smart has not talked about. This recall is based on the transmission. If you have one of the first Smart cars in this country, contact your Smart representative about the Smart car transmission recall. thankfully, my smart car is fine. My friends had to be taken in. He didn't even know there was a recall until it happened to him. His shifting locked up on him when shifting from Park to Drive. Everybody should call Smart and tell everybody about this recall so it won't happen to them.
We've missed you at events lately. Hope everything is going good with you smart. How many miles now?

The comments from Dave Schembri re: regular gas did appear hear first. The stuff on scoa was copied from Dave's blog here (Aug 25) where he also talked about the changes for '09 and mentions the sMUG event at the Dream Cruise.

By the way, Dave visited with us at the sMUG Dream Cruise event and said he would also be at the Detroit Grand Prix event .

Regards and hope to see you soon

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