What are some good websites for getting stuff for the smart? I just got it and i love it but it is just like all the others driving off the lot. What would be the site to go to and find the best stuff for my smart car? I want a pimped out smart car!!! One that i can bring to a smart car show and people look at and say WOW!!

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This gut has been doing some nice mods, and posted the details:

holy crap check out the "virticle" door mod on smartmadness.com its freeking rediclous in a good way amazing no other word
76 bucks for a cupholder?
I'm in the wrong line of work.

here is a site that has everything vertical door, Wood dash, lights and some of the best prices. I can even send you a site for a wind up key for your Smart if you want.

Don't pay $100.00 for a rear area organizer go to this site.


The large one is great for the Smart

Spend some time looking around as some of the people selling and advertising here are selling at rip off prices.

I've done a few things to itibiti, and I've posted lots of pictures here. I also provide links for all the vendors I've delt with.
Good luck with yours!!
Have a look
Vertical doors are idiotic. What's the point of having a vertical door that you have to open like a regular door first in order to accomplish the vertical opening? I honestly thought that half the country was too freakin lazy to even open their door (i.e. drive-thru's EVERYWHERE now), let alone open it in two different fashions.

Least i know my Smart won't be like EVERY other smart off the lot. Brabus FTW!
don't forget smart-parts-direct.com and smart tune. They are both in England but the prices are very nice even with shipping and the exchange rate. I bought the pods with rings for $177.00 including shipping.
Oh, come on everybody, give Steve a break!


Their catalog grows every day, and they pretty much carry only the best stuff for your smart. It's their primary business, so they know your smart. When you tell them what you want to do, they will recommend the best ways to do it. They are even working to develop their own brand of mods.

I just got an awesome dash kit from Superior Dash it totally transforms the interior! They have a few different materials and colors too. The carbon fiber one was on my mind but I ended up getting this one and my wife got the blue one. Very cool I love it! if you like it check out this link http://www.superiordash.com/product.php?parent_id=1397&proline_...

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