Since I don't have my smart yet, can someone tell me the size of the trunk area length/width.

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the trunk "area " is about 12" deep and about 40 inches wide. Haven't measured it exactly but its big enough to hold lots of those plastic grocery bags. Its helpful if you get the cargo net so things won't roll behind the seats........
Thanks for the Info..
I took out my tape measure and have the following info. 18" deep, 16" if you only go to the molded plastic in the corner. 39" wide.
That's for the detailed info I appreciate it.
Last weekend, I went to a wedding 250 miles from home. I took out my cargo cover (an option) and I packed the following

1 Regular/Medium size golf bag with clubs (I had to remove the driver and woods and put them in on an angle (no problem)
1 bag with golf shoes
1 medium suit case
1 medium travel bag (my wifes cosmetics ect.
I never had to block the rear window and had nothing in the front cabin (other than my wife)

This is one amazing car!
By the way I averaged 35 mpg (lots of hills in Oregon)

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