How many out there had their windows tinted? Do you like it? Did you do it yourself or have it done professionally? If you did it yourself, was it easy or hard to do? I found a couple of sites that sell the cut to fit tinted panels and was thinking of giving it a try, good or bad idea?
Thanks for any comments.

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Never tinted a car window myself. But I've seen many cars that have bubbled window tint here in the Texas heat. They're usually easy to spot. I did help with tinting the windows in the garage door. No way I'd ever try to do my car windows!! Maybe try a garage window before attempting it on your car. It will be a lot more costly if you order the film, do it yourself, have to pay to have it removed and then pay to be professionally installed. Then again if you're successful, you'll have saved some money.
I had my windows tinted at a car window glass shop the dealer recommended. The cost was $175 and took about 2 hours to complete. It turned out great and I really feel it enhanced the car.
I had mine done professionally and have had every vehicle I have owned done this way as well. I paid under $200 and have a lifetime warranty against bubbling, peeling, or even scratches from my dogs. In my opinion, having it done professionally is the only way to go.
get references from the shop. ask to see their work. computer-cutting is state of the art. i plan to get huper optik ceramic film. it's not as dark, non-metalized, looks more OEM and is primarily for heat-reflection.... ceramic is expensive, but a world of difference from the metallic or carbon-based films.

my smart will cost about $350 - but the shop is highly-referred, spotless, professional and has been in business for a very long time. that usually comes at a price.

i plan on going with 50% ceramic. which will be darker than normal, but primarily will reflect about 70% of heat.
I had the windows tinted the first weekend I had the car. At 100 degrees the AC was losing the cooling battle. After the ceramic tint, I was confortable and actually had to slow the fan speed at a 70 degree setting. Cost for the two side windows for top of the line 35% ceramic (darkest legal in Texas) was $200. I recommed leaving the installation to the professionals.
I bought an orhpan with tinted windows and I really like it. I am used to tinted windows in my other vehicles. I think it gives you a little bit more privacy. The roll down side windows are not as dark but still provides some additional privacy. If you get a lot of looks and stares it is nice to have the tinted windows. I recomend it. Oh and yes leave it to the pros.
I had mine done at a window-tinting place in town. They did my Saturn 5 years ago, and I haven't had any trouble. $80 for the smart, lifetime warranty, and the car is much cooler in the SC summer sun.

This conversation is ancient, but I've just bought my 2nd new smart and am thinking of having it tinted. I have a few questions. I know every state has different laws about darkness of tint, but in VA, you can't tint the front window, unless you only tint the top 5 inches. I think it would look very odd, having the back and sides shaded, but not the front (where I really want it) and odder still to have just the top inches shaded.

Also, in VA the police are very strict about this. I had to go to traffic court to testify in a case (it wasn't me!) and before our bad guy was called, I heard a dozen cases of people ticketed for too dark tint, who had to show proof they had it removed. How dark is 35%? Is it worth it?

Advice, please?

Other smart owners have had this done and it does help keep the car cooler in the summer (as well as the winter, unfortunately.)  Most recommend having the tint applied professionally and getting a statement from the installer certifying that the tint is compliant with your state's requirements.  Keep in mind that most law enforcement officers are not too keen on approaching a car where they can't clearly see the occupants.

Thanks for your reply. I would have it done professionally, of course, but it's that broad expanse of front windshield that is the problem. I *really* hate the sun. I don't want to see it, or have it see me :-) If I am going to have this done, I want to know if anyone has had the front done to meet the AS1 or 5 inches limits and does it look strange? I want to know if 35% is worth it. If I'm still going to be squinting, or have my car windows looking glaringly different, I won't bother. I'd love to see images of how it looks after.


Thanks George - can you say what % tint you have, and if it actually keeps out the sun?

I have 10% tint all around which is not legal in Florida.  Even the police cruisers in my town have darker than legal tint so I think I will be ok unless I rob a bank or something and use the smart as a get away car.  I have some pics of it in my gallery.  It does keep the car cooler.  Most of the heat comes through the pano roof even with the sun screen closed.  I would like to trade for a solid roof one of these days.

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