How many out there had their windows tinted? Do you like it? Did you do it yourself or have it done professionally? If you did it yourself, was it easy or hard to do? I found a couple of sites that sell the cut to fit tinted panels and was thinking of giving it a try, good or bad idea?
Thanks for any comments.

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It helps a lot to see the pictures. Tint as dark as yours would definitely get me pulled over here, but what I really wanted to see was the front window, and if it looks really different from the rest of the windows, and also the discrepancy between the untinted part and the tinted part of the front.

Now, one more (I think!) question, if you don't mind. Is the lower part of your front window tinted at all?

The lower part of the windshield has the factory tint in the glass.  I do not know the percent of tint, but it appears to be the same as the other windows before I had the film applied.  I have noticed in several car commercials, the entire windshield has a dark tint which would be great for the sun, but hard to see at night.  I am 6'3' and the dark strip is almost in my line of view, but it does help when looking at traffic lights when the sun is shinning my way.  Good luck on your tint and please post pics when you have it done.

My wife had her 09 tinted at a tint shop, even if you're familiar with applying graphics on glass with soapy water, the d.i.y. tint is very easy to scratch during application, I'm all for saving money but I paid so any problems were on them.   It was only around $110 anyway. Not to sound like your mom, but, night driving is pretty hard with tint, my friend hit a boy on a bike because he couldn't see him at night, plus I hate driving my wife's car because the windshield strip is in my way & it drives me nuts. as for the roof, my 11 model is solid, but black, the heat still comes thru but it's different, I would much rather have the clear roof but all the "all white" 11's I saw had the solid roof.

Hi Tim,

I had it done by a shop, street legal, which in my state means nothing on the front. It's still "curing." I'll let you know how I like it!

I bought mine already tricked out, and windows tinted.  I love it.

I love it, too. I just wish they would let us tint that big front window.

haha that might make it hard to drive at night

judi said:

I love it, too. I just wish they would let us tint that big front window.

Maybe! But the sun makes it hard to drive during the day!!! :-)

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