I was driving home from work on Rt 34 in Derby, CT and passed an accident (after a long backup) involving a smart that was identical in color to mine (red/black). The other car involved was something like a taurus (in size) and though the smart appeared to be dented up, the other car looked totaled. I hope no one was hurt in the accident as I couldn't tell and I thought it inappropriate to rubber neck because the authorities were already there. I was relieved to see that the smart had stood up so well, particularly in relation to the much bigger (and therefor incorrectly assumed 'safer') vehicle.

The following day, several people in my office asked if it was me and I was alright. My company 'campus' has over 1200 employees and I'm the only one with a smart, so it's well known there.

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That is such good info to know! thanks.
Thanks for the report. Maybe we need an accident report log so we keep tabs on the accidents. I nominate you to be in charge (not that I have any authority). It is great to know that we can can see for our eyes and actual reports they really hold up. I also hope no one was hurt.
I would ask that the Smart owners that have had accidents write in to let us all know how their are doing and how the car did in the accident.
That smart car in the accident was me. If you want to see the photos, go to personal crash test and find my post. I put all the pictures there. thank you all for your concern. Damages were estimated at $7,700 and my car will be out for 5 weeks.
Did your insurance pay for original Smart parts? And what did you have to drive while your car was being repaired?
I am driving my moms van and the other guys insurance is paying for everything. They have to; it wasn't my fault. Thank god that old guy had insurance. We do have a rental so my mom can use it, but since I am only 16, I can't use a rental until I am 21. My car will be out for that long because the Smart parts needed to be ordered from France and will take awhile to get here. Thankfully, they were all ordered. I will post pictures of my smart car once it is done being fixed. I miss my Smart so much!
To everybody; I finally got my car back yesterday! It is incredible and they did a great job! I would never be able to tell that it was in an accident!
My daughter stole Gashog and I have not had it since school started. It's become "her car" now.

She stopped for pedestrians in a crosswalk on her ride to school 3 weeks ago and was rear-ended by a Taurus wagon full of kids. Whammo!

The smart was punched through crosswalk, but thankfully the crosswalk was at Dean College and was full of students who are fleet of foot when they hear screeching of tires so no people were hit, only Gashog and the Taurus.

"Beach ball syndrome" The smart was hardly damaged. We had less $1k in damage to the smart and most of it was not even visible. It bounced off the Taurus like a beach ball; BOINK!

My daughter had whiplash but she is a varsity volleyball player and had a game that night which helped her shake off the crash and forget about it. The worse thing about this crash was losing the smart for 3 weeks while it was repaired and/or awaiting parts.

All of the smart car crashes that I have seen have had minimal damage because of what I think we need to now characterize as beach ball syndrome.
my syndrome wasn't a beach ball, but it did move sideways and had 9x the $ for damage. The total cost came to more than $9k. Incredible how these things are built so tough!
It is good to hear that everyone seems to be ok. We appreciate your story on how the smart seemed to hold up in an accident. The tridion safety cell is a very nice feature.

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