For those of us who have driven the ForTwo for a while we realize there is a terrible blind spot behind the car on the driver's side.

One simple solution for me was to buy a simple 2" adjustable stickn mirror from AutoZone.

You can see the angle of the mirror which is adjustable by simply twisting the mirror until the angle is just right.

The shot shows how easy it is to see a car in the blind spot. Turning your head to look at the window doesn't help unless you stick your head out of the window. I hear the blind spot is worse in the Cabrio.

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I have put my round mirrors on the outer edge of my side mirrors on the car that I have now (waiting for my fortwo, while my wife points out other sub-compacts that are going to come out, hurry up smart!). Is where you put them better?
I did not want to block the view of the road by putting the mirror on the outer (left) edge of the mirror. By putting it on the inside corner it only blok the view of the side of the car so I am not losing visibility.

You could try to position it in various positions before you fasten it and decide for yourself.

I think it is a great idea to look and try out other cars so that when you do get the smart you will know exactly why you chose it. I am sure you can find others in your area who would be willing to let you drive their car (if not the delivery center should give you the opportunity).
Nice tip, thank you Stuart!
Great tip! I just cut someone off on Sunday because of the blind spot. Nearly got rear-ended. I'm going to go get one of those thingies, post haste!

Thank you!
Perfect! I just posted on another thread that one of the "modifications" I'd like to see in new Smart versions is some form of enhanced visibility due to the huge blind spots.
Not all cars have blind spots
Follow this link to a description, in words and pictures, of how to adjust your mirrors to eliminate "blind spots" in most cars.

Our smart may just be one of the exceptions. I've used this method in all our vehicles since I first learned about it and it works as advertised. In the smart, not quite. Part of the problem is the shape of the side mirror with its downward slope at the outer edge and part is how much interference there is from the headrests in the rear-view mirror.

For me, the worst blind spot is the forward right oblique area that's obstructed by the rear-view mirror and the "hockey puck".
There is a smaller rectangular one also in auto-zone that I find does the job and does not interfere as much as the round ones. I placed it on the near side in the lower corner, it hides nothing of importance and gives you a panoramic view (no blind spot).
If adjusting your mirrors as noted above doesn't make you comfortable, Here's another set of "blind spot" mirrors that don't take up any real space on our smallish mirrors.

Find them here:
If you want a "no blind spot" mirror for your smart that fits like a factory mirror, you need the factory mirror that smart puts in all smarts but USA. I bought two while in Europe. They pop right in place of the USA mirror and are convex, thus eliminating the blind spot. As far as I know your dealer should be able to order it (saving you a trip to europe) for about $40. A friend of mine just ordered his and it should be here soon. The part # is A 451 810 05 16. This is drivers side UN-heated mirror.

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