Hello to all of you! I'm a smarti holder in Germany/Munich/Bavaria since 2 years. I do understand, not so many Germans will show up here in this forum :-) .
Being recently in the States, I joined the Smart Order Program (USD 99) + hope I can pickup my new Smarti right from the factory in Hagenau (smartville)/France and keep it in Germany. Guess you know the reason, or?

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You mean Hambach...

I doubt they would honor your order since it must be referred to a smartUSA (PAG) delivery center. The US prices are valid for Penske (smartUSA) snince Penske has a contract with smart based on US dollars and not Euros.

I suppose you could pick up the car in the US and then ship it and probably still save money considering how expensive it is in EU.
Ofcause, its Hambach!

I called Smart USA about my idea. They said, it will be poss. in future to pickup the smarti in Hambach.

As it is an Mercedes Benz product (you can pickup your Mercedes in Stuttgart/Germany too) my idea is not so far out :-)
Then good luck!
When my husband and I picked up our Smarts in January in San Francisco, we both had to sign paperwork stating that we would not export the cars outside of the USA. If the cars are exported we will need to pay an additional $7500 USD. (Hopefully that won't be the same for you... since it will never have even come to the USA.) I believe Smart may be selling the cars to Penske in the US deeply, deeply discounted with the promise that these cars won't be traveling over borders.

Nonetheless, the wait for new Smart Cars here in the states is outrageously long (>18months) . In truth I wouldn't be surprised if Smart shifts more of their limited production for delivery to Europe instead the US due to the strength of the Euro.

G'luck! :)
Thank you for your comment. The smartis in the US are discounted. The one I want to get comes up to USD 16.400 (EURO approx. 10.000 + VAT.) This is far below the price Mercedes is asking for in Germany.

But this deal works only, if I can pick it up from the factory without Tax, Shipment aso. And, I don.t think that Penske can control Daimler Benz and its behaviour.

Due to your gas prices, the smarti will sell like crazy in the States - our gas prizes are even more the double.

In SC we could buy a smarti right from the show room. Cabrio, silverblue USD 16.500. (My friend in SC can.t really go around with his "bobby car", but he is learning. Beside the smarti he drives a Mercedes R and this one is more then double in size. ;-) ) But, with his smarti he can use, driving alone in his car, the left lane on the Interstates! That sells!

I have signed up the USD 99 - Program only for the reason to sell the contract via ebay. In SC a man sold his used smarti (old type) for more then USD 19.000 via internet.
The smarti is very popular in Europe - even the italian (ROM) police is driving the car too. And it is a cult since approx. 4 years.
Until today more then 1 Mio are sold. Waiting time 4 month. Ofcause Mercedes will sell more over here because of the EURO prize and make more profit. But other tiny cars are backing up ..., the service, spare parts are too expensive. Oil and -filter exchange EURO 142.00 = USD 220.00.

But anyway, we like this little car at all.

Have a nice day!!

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