My back wheels slant in towrds the top. My wife was driving the best car on the road (my smart) and i was driving behind her and was staring at the car and loving it!!! Then i looked at the back wheels and saw them slightly slanted at the top going in. I called the smart center and they said it is ok. What do you think?? Do your back wheels slant in??

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That's positive camber on the rear suspession, helps in cornering and performance. Don't worry about it.
Great!! Thanks!! That's kinda what they said "dont worry about it, it's fine" and i just wanted to make sure. Thanks again!!
Actually it's negative (not positive) camber, but yes it is designed into the De Dion rear suspension of the fortwo to enhance roadholding.
I stand corrected...Thank you!
If there are still VW bugs around your area, look at their rear tires, they are really slanted inward at the top.
some BMW are as well
I love the look of negative camber in the back. Somewhere around -2 degrees which is what I have set on rear of my MRS track car.

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