So, I ran over a wrench, don't ask me how because I just hit it. Didn't see it, they lie flat. It punctured my rear-driver-side tire. There are no tire dealers here that carry the 175-155-R15 tire in stock here, so I had to order one (Smart dealer is in the next state).

I had the car towed to a mom & pop repair place to "boot" the hole. They were a little worried because the wrench had beat up the lining of the tire (?) so they also sealed that with liquid rubber. It got me home, but as it sat in my driveway, it went flat.

My question or quandary is this: could it have damaged the stem, which is why it didn't hold air? (You can see that the wrench is pretty much in line with the stem.) And if so, would replacing just the tire even help? I think I'd have to take it to the dealer and get a new stem and everything. Anybody have a diagnosis? I guess I will find out when I get the new one on (Wed or Thurs), but would like any advise--besides "get a spare", which is on the list already.


I know it's a large picture, I apologize, but reducing it causes the wrench to be less visible.

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Not that I know of. I will check. The Firestone up here hadn't even heard of the size before. I called around (meaning he made 2 calls and a call to the Mercedez dealer at my request) and nobody had one. My warranty covers this one but I'll be purchasing my spare online.

Same thing happened to me, it was years ago and not on a smart. But I was amazed that a wrench could puncture a tire!

TireRack also has the tire in stock for $61 + $14 for 2-day shipping.
Tire Rack has great service. I ordered a spare wheel from my dealer- it took about a week to come in- It is a silver steel wheel and was very reasonable- Then a tire from Tire Rack- so I now have one spare. It is the smaller size that goes on the front but will work on the rear in an emergency.
Although it is hard to tell from the angle of the picture and not knowing how long the wrench is, I doubt that wrench did anything to the valve stem. Not sure about the tire press. monitor, but it's probably O.K. too.

My guess for why it didn't hold air is that the hole was just too big to plug?
I bought a steel front wheel from the Smart Dealer ($96.00), then I got a used temp spare from the local junk yard for $15.00, there is no real market for them so they are cheap, a T125/70D15 fits perfect. The temp spare tire (Donut) tire is a little smaller than the stock 155/60R15, mounted it fit perfect standing up behind the passenger seat or laying flat on the floor behind the driver's seat, with the seat all the way back. I bought a set of 4 tire covers at Harbor Freight for $10.00, I put one on the inside of the wheel and the other on the outside of the wheel overlapping the first one, that left me 2 more covers to share with the first Smart owner I meet who has a spare tire. A scissor jack at the junk yard was $7.00, then a breaker bar and socket are around $15.00 at Harbor freight.
Wow thanks guys!
Here's to hoping the stem and sensors are all A-OK. I will be purchasing a spare tire within the next 2 weeks.
MARTY! You junk-rat! Sounds like I need to get digging too - we've got some untapped junk yards calling my name. Also a Harbor Freight - always find good stuff there. Just need to start thinking Smart when I go in there.
Geesh, so the official Smart Doughnut doesn't do that? I am flip-flopping back & forth as to if I want to just buy a front tire with matching wheel or the doughnut. The main question I have about that is: can the regular size tire/wheel fit behind the seat like the doughnut supposedly can?

I don't have a dealer close, so I can't just go see, you know?
I bought a steel front wheel for 25 euros in Germany then put on a "donut" tire that was like new for $5. The tire size is not off that much and nothing bad happened when I bolted it on the rear and took it for a 3 mile test drive to see if anything rubbed etc. I only carry it with me if we travel out of town. Of course any spare tire is only to be a temporary thing to get you to a tire shop.
We are going on a cross-country trip from Arkansas to Colorado in December, and i MUST have a spare of some sort for the trip. Plus, with this flat within the first month of ownership has me ready to buy a spare - full size or doughnut - ASAP. Thanks guys!
Seriously? I was given the option at the dealer to purchase one. It was on display in the showroom, next to the different wheel options.

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