I ordered my Smart in July of 07 and have a delivery date of Nov-Jan of 09.
(That's a whole other issue) I logged on to this site to get a feel for the reliability of this car. BOY ARE YOU GUYS SCARRING ME! Stuck shifters,radios not turning off, noises,leaks, phantom stop and starts, rip-off filters...................... Is this car really worth the problems I have heard?
If Nissan or Honda had these kinds of problems with their cars they wouldn't survive.
I understand that ALL new models have their problems but these problems seem to keep manifesting (stuck shifter) and all you people keep saying "It's minor", but why hasn't the Manufacture or dealers fixed these problems already?

Hey don't get me wrong. I've been renting this car everytime I go to England for the last eight years, but is this bad construction or worse
bad design?

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I can understand your concern- and the various problems do seem like things that should not ocur and if they do, shoud quickly be rectified at the factory. But they are minor and the dealers do take care of them.

smartusa has delivered over 16,000 cars so far this year. I don't know what percentage have experienced which of the problems- I've had two, both very minor, and both quickly resolved. My 2001 Mercedes SLK 320 had a problem with the catalytic converters breaking loose and rattling around. It was fixed under warranty. Would I expect something like this on a $55,000 car? No. But for the five years that I drove it I loved every minute of it. My smart is the same way. I love it. Quirky? Goofy? Some niggling problems? Sure. Regrets? Not for a minute.
I concur with the other guys - you are reading the exceptions not the rule, I suspect people with complaints try to use this site to embarrass smart into quicker action, don't be scared, the cars are a blast to drive, if you want to see a clever video, check out this link
Don't believe everything you read on the internet. I've had my Smart for almost 2 months putting almost 2,000 miles on it and I haven't had any problems.
Foothill ! You're killin me. That was great !
Those Brit's can really do a piece of work !

Now back to this Post.... Bob, We're in America and times have changed since the 50's. People rarely say "Thank you", or "I'm sorry", or "Excuse me"or "Pardon me, it was my fault".
Nowadays it's things like "What's wrong with you", or "Hey, get out of MY way", or It's NOT my fault". But what seems to be the ticker you can count on, is 90% + will call or write with a complaint before they'll talk about a positive aspect about something. I guess it's the "If it ain't broke don't fix it" syndrome. Or the "Squeaky wheel gets the oil".
I haven't gotten my Smart yet (Dealer first said 8-10-08 and once that passed, 9/5/08, Oh and since THAT's also passed I've got something to complain about !

Then I stop and read all of the "It's worth the wait", and "How fun this car is to drive" and I settle back down and continue to twiddle the proverbial thumbs.

Richard in San Jose, CA
I haven't had this much fun with a car since I was a teenager (and that rather extensive period of time has included quite a few high end models.) Now, six months and 3800+ miles later, I still love the car. Granted I had to have the alarm motion sensor replaced a couple days after I took delivery, but have been totally problem free since then.
All models of any make can have problems. Just look at any automotive site and you will see it. With the smart? Since most are ordered online, the orders are followed and confirmed online and smart has the email address of most of those that order. So there's probably a larger majority on online forums for the smart than maybe some other vehicles. And of course those who have problems are going to be more quick to post, "I HAD A PROBLEM WITH" vs. someone without any problems making a post, "I have had no problems with my smart!" There are thousands of users that don't visit the forums. There are LOTS of members here who have never even made a post. And there are many users here that post and never posted about a problem. When you compare those with problems {I have to admit myself included} those with problems are far outnumbered by those without. But if you are that scarred then maybe you should look at all your alternatives before making your decision.
Your all right, that many cars have problems.......even $55K cars, and we do live in an era of complaining. Some very important points were brought to my attention and I really want to thank all the members here for their thoughtful remarks,except the dude that thinks my panties are wound to tight. (go commando)

Look forward to getting my Smart one of these days.

Thanks again
Bob...Don't let all this talk scare you away from the smart. I too, thought the same thing before I received mine. I'm at 1973 miles and have no problems to report. With my experience working in the service departments of other new car dealerships, I can assure you they have their problems too. They don't have a web site like this one to list all their problems on for everyone to see. Most all automobile manufactures get reports from dealers concerning warranty repairs on their cars and make corrections in the assembly line as required. I now have an Orphan and still waiting for our reserved smart ordered for my wife.

As more smarts are purchased and a lower demand for them, the inflated prices of oil filters and other parts should drop.
Well I got the car on 8/24/08......I now have over 3500 miles on the little animal.
It has not given me any problems (knocking on wood as I speak). My only trivial complaint is the rather hard ride some times over some of these wonderful Wyoming roads. I know that I can get a spring kit but I have decided so far to just endure the
hard bumps. When I go for the 10,000 mile warranty I might get a wake up call on the cost but will endure. Mileage has been a average of 45 mph. I drive 110 miles round trip five days a week. Just love it every time i go to the gas pump. I just think of the 06 Lincoln Mark LT that is wonderful to drive but doesn't get even half the mileage that I get with the Smart.
I LOVE my smartie! yes, it beeps a bit once in a while when I shut it off for some unknown reason, but that goes off if I turn the key on & off again. I have over 7500 miles on it since Feb, and have driven in hard sheets of rain, high mountains and desert heat--oh, plus Chicago traffic and cold. I still love this car, and it makes me smile every time I go to the garage or get it from a parking lot. This website is a bit like family...we can talk about the faults amongst ourselves, and suggest changes and improvements to smart manufacturers, but we'll defend our family against outsiders who diss us without walking in our shoes. Don't be scared--it's a great car--rides solid & fun to drive. (Might there be a lemon or two in the bunch? Hmm...I suppose so.)
Just my personal opinion/impression, Bob:

I suspect the USA smart is having some growing pains and frankly is not quite as reliable as (a) one would hope and (b) as a Toyota or Honda.
Perhaps with time they'll get the bugs and design weak points out. But Toyota and Honda have the reliability thing down cold.

So -- if top-notch reliability is your absolute first priority you might want to look into the Honda Fit and the Toyota Yaris and the Scion-D. They'll all get almost as good milage as the Smart (not quite, but almost), Cost very little more (maybe $1000 to $2500 more than a similarly equipt Smartie), have longer warrenties, have a much wider network of dealers where warrenty repairs are covered, have many more mechanics nationwide familiar with them --- and you won't have to wait _nearly_ as long. Oh, and they're legit 4 person cars. If you're even slightly lucky you might find one in stock at a dealer that isn't being sold at a gouging price.

That said, they won't fit in as tiny parking spaces, and won't get as much attention, and probably aren't quite as fun to drive.

My two cents.

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