Hi, I'm a cyclist, has anyone attached a permanent rack to their Smart? If so what brand? Can you still open the trunk? How do you like it? Tell me everything I should know and look out for. Etc... Thanks, Valerie

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Lot's of suggestions and discussions here on Bike Racks http://www.smartcarofamerica.com/forums/search.php?searchid=307848
The dealer in Bloomfield Hills had a Smart brand bike rack
I cannot get into SmartCar of America Site. Would You please post the information here.

Thank You,

This Canadian site has posted several bike rack with various designs. http://shop.flyingtiger.ca/index.php?p=catalog&mode=search&... There has been some discussion that some of these may make there way in to the US market. Additionally, when you can access the the other site site or Google "DIY: Bike Rack smart car" there is a Do-It-Yourself bike rack pictured that was created by welding a standard bike rack to bolts that are then bolted in to the existing tow holes in the bumper. None of the designs look like the trunk will open with a bike loaded but in this picture it seems the trunk would open when the bike off the car.
Here is my solution
Whoa, Vincent, how did you rig that Yakima like that?
if anyone is interested in how easy my bike rack was to do myself email me at P914@aol.com picture in reply from Vincent

The bike rack looks great. More streamlined than the euro version.

How much does it cost?
I just bought a bike rack from smartmadness.com built just for the smart car. It goes on the back easily, and you can still open the back window. I plan to keep it on all the time since I ride a lot but will probably have to take it off when the engine gets serviced. It takes about 5 mintues to put on and take off.
go over to smartforum. In lieu of spending several hundred dollars, buy a $49 set of bolts from Gomingo.com and have then fitted with 3/4 inch pipes and use a Yakamia Boa rack. All in around a hundred bucks and it doesnt require expensive and extensive modification of the car.

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