After 2 months and 2700 mi of enjoyment with my Passion, my "check engine light now stays on". I live 2 hrs from the dealer. Any thoughts ?

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Yes. I assume that you have checked your oil level and coolant and that they are OK. The car starts and runs normally. If that is the case it could easily be related to the smog sensor and while not a critical function it does need to be checked and possibly replaced. There are other possibilities as well so do make an appointment for service sooner rather than later.
If the gas cap is not loose then its probably error P0410 which is the Secondary Air Injection Valve. It is a Bosch part which has been failing and costs less than $40. Mine failed at 3000 miles.

If the car is running OK then you can call the dealer and ask them about it. They might be willing to mail you the part rather than pay for towing.

Search for "Engine Light" and you'll see others here who have had the problem.
The GM OnStar system has the ability to transmit and remotely read problem codes when you contact them with a check engine light. Maybe smart can find a way to have their car communicate with a cell phone or laptop through Bluetooth so these codes could be sent to the dealer for problems like this?
I believe that any auto mechanic that has a scanner can read the code for you and tell you the meaning. Even if they can't translate it, at least you can call the smart center, tell them the code, and go from there.
Don't forget that you can also buy a Scanguage II and plug it into the OBD-II port and it will also give error codes. This is a highly recommended item.

My check engine light came on at about 67,000 miles, then went out on its own.  It came on again about 500 miles later.  The dealer reset the light, and the car runs fine, but they want me to have a valve job done, and it could cost as much as $4400!  They say the problem is caused by a misfire condition.  Has anyone else had this experience?

Hi Ken! Sorry to hear you experiencing issues! If you private message us your email address and phone number, we can put you in touch with customer care for further assistance. 

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