I've read many horror stories and many great stories about various dealerships does anybody have any info on any dealings with the one in Bedford, Oh. specifically so I get an idea of what is in store for me since hopefully my smart is due soon, not sure what to expect since the only email I've gotten is "YOUR SMART CAR HAS AN ETA!!! with a sept/oct delivery" I emailed back asked for VIN, they didn't have one and that was my last contact, so I'm not too sure if this is gonna be a good experience or not. Anybody have any dealings good or bad with this Smart Center?
Thanks...The waits almost over...

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I visited the Bedford dealership twice-very nice & helpful. Even though I live in Ohio, I was assigned to the Pitsburgh dealer.
I picked up "Panda Bear" two weeks ago-you will LOVE yours.
I have been to smart centre bedford 3 times and they have been quite gracious.The first time I went with my son and when we finished discussing the car with the salesperson she asked if we would like a test drive. I had not expected to be able to do this and said "Absolutely!" She copied my license and insurance card and handed me the keys. After she had given us an overview of the controls she simply said, "Just don't drive it to California." It was a thoroughly enjoyable test drive. My fear had always been that when I actually got to drive a smart I would hate it but what a rush! I even got the hang of the paddle shifters.

The last person that I spoke to there has a regular job but works at smart on weekends just to be an advocate for the car.

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