Hi Everyone! I'm new here but I joined after getting the last email from smart. I can't believe there are so many of you here already - I've been reading the forum for hours - you all have great input and ideas!!

Anyway, I'm writing because I just got the neatest gift from smart in the mail! A smart fortwo CD for all of us still waiting! It's called "worth the wait". I tried it out last night and lvoed all the goodies, including the driving game (which I'm terrible at!). Has anyone else received this in the mail? Is this just for us who have long waits or did everyone get one?

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Uh, why is smart sending the CD for 2008 models? The (at least preliminary) 2009 info is on the website, and anyone configuring as of a few weeks ago is getting a 2009 (or later).
We received ours today. I hope this means our car is getting closer.
Got one for my second smart- haven't opened it yet-too busy driving my smart. (Sorry- I just HAD to say it!) For better or worse it is a nice way of saying that you aren't forgotten. I had no word from smart during most of last year and often wondered if and when I might actually get my car. The current system is not perfect by any means but it is an improvement over the way it used to be.
Got my CD today also. My computer does not support the game.
Hoping getting the CD means I will be getting a configuration email soon.
Yeah, it's not the most informative CD, but it's a nice token. I like the screen saver - there are some new photos I hadnt seen on the website yet. And the game was fun (though it took a long time to load). I can't make it past the second round!

cathy j.: I saw all the smart gear (shirts, hats, mugs, model cars) at the dealership when I was there last week. SOme of it is really nice! FYI-the shirt sizes run 1 size smaller than regular (at least for me), but I bought the zipjacket and pink hat and my model car. I think you can order them by phone too, from the dealer.
Gee, I haven't recv'd anything in the mail and I'm on my 16th month of "Still Waiting".
However, smartUSA did give me a free rental (2008 Grand Prix) to make my last 2 months+ of waiting a bit more tolerable. Just got my 2nd 30 day notice yesterday.
First 30 day notice came on 6/15/08. Got my rental on 8/10/08.
With all that said, I'd rather be driving my smart.
Richard in San Jose.
I received the CD several days ago. Have had my car since July 12th. So, it isn't only for those who are still waiting. I plan to keep it in mint condition, to go with the car when/if I pass it along to someone else.

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