What did you name YOUR smart car? C'mon...I know you did!

We named ours "itibiti" and, because I had over a year to think about it, I came up with a list of over 30 possibilities (obsessive much??).

Every time I drive it, I constantly see drivers in my rear-view mirror mouthing the word "i-t-i-b-i-t-i"...then they smile! Mission accomplished!

Check out the web site I built for it at www.itibitismart.com and, oh yeah...did you notice "itibiti" is also a palindrome?

Top that!

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I call mine "the smartie bugger"
Hi itibiti!

Very cute.

My cars name is Smart Alec!

My License Plate is SM (symbol of a heart) T CAR.

I ordered my plates months ago, and actually got them before the car:)

I have to wait till the temporary plates come in before I can transfer the SMART CAR plates to the smart car.....

Having a fun time with the people I meet on the street too!

Take Care,

Schnelly. ("Schnell" is German for fast...) No vanity plate though. I live in GA and it's too 'spensive!
I was able to pick up my Smart Car on March 15th, so I named it Mathilde (for Saint Mathilda Day). My vanity plate says bisou which means kiss in French. Oo la la.
My Aunt Lora was the greatest
and left me a gas well in Tx
Vanity plates
RB is the suburb I live in
I named the beast... Trams ;)

Mine is called Little UFO, or just UFO for short.
My grandson looked at my white cabrio and called it snoopy. Sounds good to me.
Puddle Jumper. This is mostly a family name for any small call. I remember as a kid my aunts all sharing a VW bug while they where in high school. They called it Puddle Jumper. Then later my parents bought a Gremlin and that was called Puddle Jumper too. (not 2) When I saw this car, it just had to carry on the family tradition. :)
My Smart is yellow. The first time we saw any Smart Cars was in Italy. I named my Smart "Limoncello" since that is an Italian after dinner drink make with lemons and vodka. Just got her a few days ago and the name just stuck. Hope to get the plates to be some variation of the spelling of limoncello.
Well....black Tridon, Blue paint.....Black and Blue has to be "Bruiser" for the beast it is
I haven't got it yet, but I'm thinking of "Einstein"

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