I recently bought a wood dash kit for my Smart. The people at Wood Dash experts were very helpful in assisting me in the three different additions to the main kit. I chose the main kit and the extra kit for the doors. I am going to post a couple pictures of the interior of my Smart before and after. Let me know what you think of the mod. If any of you are interested in obtaining Dash kits or other accessories just check out Wood Dash experts web site.


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Looks nice. Are they a stick-on application or actual panels?
Also noticed you have a Pioneer radio-GPS. What model? Do you like it?
I got a Pioneer 700BT to replace the #9 smart radio. Can't wait to get it installed.
Richard E.
Yes the kit is 3M adhesive and if you read the instructions it goes on very easy.
They also provide a adhesive activator stick in the kit to be used when you are
applying the kit parts on a curve. The Pioneer system that I have in the car is the
900BT. So far I love it. I did en-counter a small glitch. After I had the Sirius Radio installed in the Pioneer system as a add on it stopped working after a short while.
I could see the touch screen Sirius controls but had no volume and none of the touch screen controls would work. After talking to the dealer they advised me to disconnect the battery and wait a short time. This corrected the problem. But you have to remember to change the AV1 to IPOD again if you have one installed.
Nice Installation!

BTW, I called to see if you could mix and match colors or materials. You can't, but they do give you a better price over the phone than on the web. The discount was just under 10% on the "real brushed aluminum." ( I spoke to Chris, 800-505-3274 x801.)
Ron: The wood looks awesome. Do you have pic's of the center console and radio? What color is that?
Actually the part for the center of the dash has to be remade as they made the
part for the 450 Smart. I have the pioneer system installed so most of the kit for the center console I don't use. They just called me and said that they are sending a technician out to redo the part and I should have it in 10 days. I attempted to cut the
part that was done wrong but believe me this stuff is dense. I am very happy with the result of the kit and doing business with the people there has been great.
Here are some pics of their "real brushed aluminum" kit installed. Is it a bit over the top? Well, to borrow a phrase from one of the candidates, "You betcha!" (And, I didn't even install all the pieces that came with the kit.) But, if you want to be low key and anonymous, you wouldn't have gotten a Smart in the first place.
As far as the kit is concerned the quality is good (I do have billet goodies from several vendors to compare these with) and the installation is easy. Now, only time will tell how well it holds up. (BTW, In the console view, the two pieces on top of the console are from Smartbillet. The wood dash kit comes with pieces for that area but I had already installed these so I only used their long "surround" piece.)
I'm not criticizing here, the only issue I have with these ESPECIALLY on the glove box is glare... the wood and the aluminum one seem to reflect an awful lot!

Well I am sure I can show you pics with out the glare. However the wood grain
finish that I have installed has a high gloss finish in it. I personally like the finish. I really don't think that it would look all that nice if it was dull. You can go to there site and look
at all the finishes if you want.
I read on the SCOA forum that, for $5, you can get samples from them to see what, if anything, you want to order.
Some of you had asked what the center console looked like with the trim. I finally got around to installing the piece that was made wrong. Wood Dash Experts had the piece corrected and it installed flawlessly. Here is a picture.
WOW>. The wood grain touch looks AWSOME.

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