Toyota (Scion) iQ - Smarter Than a smart?!

Automobile magazine (Nov '08) has an article on the new Toyota iQ which will be sold under the Scion brand in mid 2009. They said it "outsmarts the smart, no contest." The iQ is a front engine front wheel drive (1.0, 3 cyl, 68-hp) microcompact that seats four (?) that's priced in line with a base Mini. First of all I don't need or want a back seat (iQ is a foot longer than a smart). Secondly, I'm a rear drive person, never liked or wanted a front drive car. Lastly, isn't a base-priced Mini ($19,200, thousands more than a smart? I don't want that either. Doesn't sound that smart to me.

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Fred said "A three person family unit woulod not buy a smart anyway."

I guess that is why we are a five person family unit in this house. Five cars as well, three of them two-seaters.
My favorite comment I ever saw about the iQ was "finally, a car to meet the needs of all the three adult, one child families in America". It may me laugh.
And it is a death trap, like all other smaller cars from Japan.
I have a friend who has just bought an IQ for his wife as she realy fancied one, he bought it and she was very excited but she had not thought it out, sfter a few days she said to him their was a problem, the boot is too small, the Smart is bigger.

And here we are, approaching mid 2010 ... and Toyota still has no iQ in the US (hehe). Instead they have a ton of issues with their "not-so-smart" vehicles. The smart has been here for over 2 years now and there still are no competitors available.
The IQ isn't a bad looking car. They copied the smart.

I like some of the ideas used on the IQ that aren't on the smart...notice how the steering wheel is flattened at the bottom to increase legroom. Also, an extra seat means a place for a carseat. This makes it a better choice for someone with a family of three. Since they stretched the 451 (from the 450 specs) the increased length and width is a non-issue for most American roads and parking lots. Still, I would like to know the mileage, and if it has enough headroom. The price shouldn't be higher than a Corolla. Perhaps smart/Renault will return the favor and copy some of Toyota's better ideas in the next generation Smart. If they design well and quickly, perhaps they won't lag too far behind Toyota in entering the U.S. market with their next generation.
Due to currency fluctuations the Toyota IQ 2+1+1/2 will not be price competitive with the Smart...You can expect to pay $2,000 more for a comparatively equipped Toyota...
And summer turned to fall ... and still Toyota has no iQ (in the US).
Just looking at the first post of this from back in October of 08 (the month I got my smart).

They thought the IQ would have been here back in Mid 09. That is one long product release.

Scion is so overloading that thing with extras no one will be able to see value in it.
Two years later since the original claim and no IQ in US? - so much ado about nothing.
"The all new iQ/Arriving in Spring 2011"

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