Iv'e been looking for snow chains/cables to no avail. Does anyone have any ideas? Live in Seattle area, going on a trip to Grand Canon in november. Any help would be great!

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I am also looking. If I find anything I'll let you know.
As i recall the 2for has 12" wheels so you might try a garden tractor place or jc whitney iv had a sprint and found i didnt need chains my kids use to drive around the back yard with it and im in the upstate ny snowbelt if you still need chains and cant find them let me know and ill tr to order them for you Or you might try a set of snow tires ;0
By the way, th smart for two has p175/55/R15
There's a person on smartcarofamerica that bought a set of chains and paid $250 or there abouts. Do a search on that website.
Instead of chains, consider a set of Nokian 185/55's for the rear. Great on Ice and snow. Very aggressive tread yet soft and quiet.
Here's another place to check:
I have located snow chains for the smart. The price for these chains is $62.99 + shipping. My shipping cost was $10.39 for a total, no sales tax, $73.38. These are Diamond Pattern chains and the number is 02-1520 02-1520. I ordered the size of tires on the smart 175-55-R15. I am from South Texas and do not have ANY knowledge of "show chains".
I got the message about the snow chains, where did you find them for $62.99?
It's the same part # smart madness has listed for $279.
I would like to get asap.

John Hines
That is well and good, BUT the state of California REQUIRES chains to make it over the mountain. No chains, NO GO. I now have them and just hope that I do not need them. Better than needing them and them not be available. You car rent them on the side of the road, BUT I wanted something I KNEW would work on my smart.
So, Jim and Jackie,
What brand did you get?
I ordered the ones from Tirechains.com - P175R-15's, class S "diamond".
We're taking a trip to Oregon from SF Bay area for Thanksgiving and figured "better safe than sorry". But I don't want something that may harm the car.
Richard E
That is exactly where I received mine from. They seem to be a nice product and I like the way the attach as well. Like I said before I am from South Texas and down here we do not have a lot of experience with snow or snow chains so I wanted something
"made" for the exact size of the car. When I ordered them initially one of the vendors contacted me and said that was the exact place the ones he sold came from, but his retail price on them was over $230. They are the diamond design as well. Quite a markup, huh?
If you need/want snow chains, BUY THEESE ONES!
look up tire size, 175-55-15
Part # 02-1520
arived 5-7 days. I test fit ,simple on/off. real nice set.
imported from Germany (made in china,oh-well)
do not go to smartmadness.com , $62.99 VS. $270. Can you say hi-way robbery?

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