Well, I've only been on the reservation list for 1 week so I assume that I will be receiving a 2009 model passion instead of 2008. Any rumors on changes or additional features? Give me SOMETHING to be excited about since I am facing such a long wait!

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It is my understanding ( I have a close relative who works with Roger in Bloomfield Hills) that the yellow color will be adjusted and changed to a different yellow. Production will remain the same number of units.
Wouldn't it be nice, since this is a smart sponsored site, that some company representitive could come answer these questions rather than just watching us try to figure it out on our own?
My dealer says my Smart is in production and should arrive in 2 months (October). Will it be a 2009 model. and will the litany of problems that some have posted in "nuts & bolts" (shifter lock, engine light, service light reset) be remedied?
My dealer said anything after Oct will be 2009 models. But we will have to see. I don't trust a lot of what I am hearing these days.
I have a long wait also.. Reserved on jun 04 2008.. ETA is oct-dec 2009.. I visited my local dealer saturday (08-09-08) and ask about colors. I want to configure a YELLOW cabrio. I was told if I want yellow, I need to order the panels because it is being dropped for sure. He also told me the red (which looks orange to me) will be a deeper red. I ask if I bought panels, would they fit a 2009 model and he said there will be NO BODY changes for 2009. Hope this helps.
I have read that they will be offering a hybid to the existing model available last quarter of this year which offers start-stop technology. When you step on the brake and slow below 5 miles per hour the engine shuts off, then when you let go of the brake it starts back up in first gear on it's own. They said it gets 11% to 21% better mileage that way for city driving. I think this will be on a lot of new cars soon.
I had my heart set on yellow too. :(
Here is what is going to be new in the 2009 Smart ForTwo models!

New colors- Rally Red replacing metallic red, and Grey replacing yellow

Side Door mesh compartments- replacing plastic compartments
Gas door open warning- new feature next to low tire pressure warning

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