After cavorting in my Smart Car for eight months I sold it because:

1) An unresponsive dealership 30 miles from my home.
2) Disappointing mileage...35/mpg around town.
3) Did not feel comfortable taking it on the freeway.

It was sort of fun while it lasted.

Now I drive a Prius.

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Prius is boring, I have driven one, It is not worth the extra mileage, and extra cost. The roof does not fold away. Figure that out. Buy a motorcycle Sorry for my attitude. JS

Love my smart - our closest dealership is over 200 miles away.  When I have to have service we trailor in the little guy behind our Dodge Mega Cab Diesel dually, yes it gets us quite a few stares.  We get a 10K service aprosimately every 7 months, so we treat ourselves to a mini vacation.  Only problem I have ever had with my smart is I had a rear tire that wanted to lose air but we fixed that with the tire repair kit!!!

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