After cavorting in my Smart Car for eight months I sold it because:

1) An unresponsive dealership 30 miles from my home.
2) Disappointing mileage...35/mpg around town.
3) Did not feel comfortable taking it on the freeway.

It was sort of fun while it lasted.

Now I drive a Prius.

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Not sure why you were disappointed in the mileage, you were getting exactly what the promotional data says it will do. I guess this means you will be leaving this forum?
1. Dealer "responsiveness" is a silly reason... I've had my car since February 26th and haven't been near it.
2. My mileage makes me smile (36 city and 46 highway)!
3. I-95 at 70 mph is a breeze in such a responsive car (just in case someone can't see me I put in a Ferrari type horn).
4. A Prius at $24,000 is $8,000 in my pocket!
That's a cheap Prius. I'm considering trading my Prius in on my smart when it comes in. The Prius should completely pay for my Cabrio or have little payments. Emphasis on the "no payments" here...

BTW my Prius averages 50 mpg with a 60/40 City/Highway split. I do drive it very lightly and coast a great deal to get that mileage. Otherwise it would sit around 46 mpg.
You have my sympathy, driving a Prius is like getting a lobotomy!
I just sold my 08 Passion, with 5000 happy miles, on Craig's list about 10 minutes after I posted it. I got about $700 more than I paid for it. The only reason I sold it was I have a 09 Passion that is due at the dealer today, not there yet.
I plan on keeping the 09 until there is nothing left of the car. I do admit that the closest dealer being 100+ miles away is a negative, but hopefully someone closer will open a service or sales center.
Anyone who is regularly getting less than 40 MPG must live in an area with lots of hills or mountains, run the the AC on all the time, have a very heavy foot, or there is something really wrong with the car.
In the 49 years since I got my first driver's license, the only cars I have had that were more fun to drive, all had 350-400 HP. I still have one left, for when I get the urge to be pulled back into the seat when I floor it, the Smart can't do that.
1) An unresponsive dealership 30 miles from my home.

I feel your pain

2) Disappointing mileage...35/mpg around town.

Perhaps your bumper sticker should read, "My other car is a moped". I don't see what car would get you better mileage around town unless it is a hybrid that shuts down at lights, that is most likely where your gas is going along with short trips - the Prius DOES fit that bill so good choice. :)

3) Did not feel comfortable taking it on the freeway.

I've seen other people who feel the same way,Some people feel more secure in a slightly bigger car...and there's nothing wrong with that. I used to have a Tahoe that felt more unstable on the freeway than my Smart.
1) An unresponsive dealership 30 miles from my home.
The folks at Dallas smart center {at Park Place Dallas} have been wonderful.
Guess I got lucky in that respect.

2) Disappointing mileage...35/mpg around town.
I average 43.
Driving habits has as much to do with mpg as the car itself.

3) Did not feel comfortable taking it on the freeway.
I'm on the highway all the time. I've even done 4 long distance trips now.

But I understand the smart isn't for everyone. Thank goodness.
18 month wait here in DFW is long enough.
At least your dealership was close. Mine is 75 miles - one way.
Your town mileage better than EPA est. of 33 and about what I get on mine; where is the problem.
I've got no problems being on a freeway with mine at 65-70 mph; except when someone rides my a** wanting a better look~!

And you're gonna love the Prius when it comes time for a battery change, if you keep it that long, that is.
I've had my smart since May of '08 and I have been disappointed with it since the first week when I started having trouble. My dealership is 80 miles from me and I hate having to deal with them. The mileage I get would be great if I ever got to drive the car. it's spent more time at the dealership then it has in my posession. Driving it on the highway bothers me for two reasons. 1) no cruise control and 2) it's terribly uncomfortable seats. I've had my smart on craigs list for a week now and gotten no response. I looked at trading it in on a prius, which I loved driving, but I can barely get 14k for the smart on a trade. that equals a much higher car payment which isn't in my budget. UGH!!!
Looked at the Prius. No doubt a great reliable car. Could only obtain one if I paid a hefty dealer markup above the sticker. They automatically include ridiculous add ons such as "paint protection,upholstery scotch guard, rustproofing. Did the math, I could buy two Pures for the price of one Prius. Dollar wise a Yaris or a Ford Focus is a better deal, but how much fun are they to drive ?
Well good for you!
The SMART was never represented as a hybrid or to offer hybrid performance.
Clearly you didn't do your homework prior to purchasing your SMART and I'm so pleased you are happy now.
You aren't any safer in that Prius than the SMART if you have a bad wreck on the open highway, likely the SMART engineering would have the decisive safety edge in allowing you to drive another day.
Good luck!
Some people are not cut out to be Smart owners, it the adventures you have with your car. It's the attention you get, it's the fun of having something very few others do have. Gas milage is based on how you drive the car. Dealships are dealerships their job is over when you sign on the dotted line. Highway safety is important to every driver. I like my odds in my Smart.

Honda's a Great- I think Jeff Dunham likes the Prius too.

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