I was driving off of the island to Poulsbo and what do I see four cars ahead of me? Another yellow smart. After the bridge, the cars between us all take the turn to Suquamish, so now we are traveling together. The smart ahead of me turns off and I go to Poulsbo, complete my errands and head back to the island. What do I see driving off of the island as I cross the bridge? A yellow smart! Including mine, that is three in one day.

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Darn that is to bad. Three happy owners while the rest of us sit and wait, wait and wait.
I picked up my yellow-and-silver Smart Passion a week and a half ago. There were six Smarts in the showroom, waiting on their owners, and every last one of them was yellow! (Mine was the only one with a silver tridion, so I think I'll still stand out a bit.)

Still can't understand why they discontinued the yellow.
smart discontinuing yellow was a truly strange decision. When I picked up my car, I was told that yellow was the most popular color before the announcement to discontinue it. After the announcement, it became even more popular.
Today was another three yellow smart day (not including mine).

One on Hwy 305 in the middle of Bainbridge Island. One on Bucklin Hill Rd. in Silverdale. One on Hwy 305 between Poulsbo and the bridge.

But, I was in VW, not the smart, so no waves.

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