I see in many profiles that there is a section that says this individual is Member No. *******. How do I find out what member number I am? I was one of the early members, before everyone was invited to join.

Thanks for your help.

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Not sure if it's my member number, but try this. go to "my page". Click "edit" on the About Me section, Click Account, then scroll down to the bottom. there is an email address that you can phone photos to. mine had my name and the number 840 @ ...
Again, I have no idea if that's my number, but I joined in about July...
Hi Janet,

Your member number is on your profile. Click on My page and look where it says discussions, the first line (going backwards chronologically) will have your member number. That is the number order, you were when you joined. Hope this helps!
OK, so it's official. I'm a DUNCE! I cannot find that number anywhere on my profile. If someone can look at my profile and identify what my member number is, I would be grateful!
Well, I believe you're right, Janner B. If you are, then I am member number 88! That seems just about right.
Hi Janet,

Your member number is the first thing that appears in your Latest activity on your profile. You have to (X) out all the latest activity until you can see the 1st time you signed in. It says welcome Janet member # _____. My number is in the 6844 and I joined the group in Sept. This is the only way that I know to get the number the 800 number for email on the profile is a different number, mine is 875 but as you can see is no the same as my member #. If you were one of the first people your number should be low.

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