Does any know the manufacturing date that the smart model year changes from 2008 to 2009? Mine is due the end of November and supposedly is in shipment.

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Great, thanks Spdyii.
Glad to be of service. Mine is suppose to be here the end of the month also. Time will tell.
My dealer in Lynnfield, MA said that I he would get a 3 day notice of delivery after my smart arrives in port and has passed inspection (us customs??). If it takes the factory 3 hours to assemble a car and however long to ship, I guess that I will find out when it arrives if my car is an 08 or 09.
My 09 was thought to be arriving in Fairfield, CT last night but I got a call this morning telling my s/he's been help up in customs in Maryland. The story is that s/he's being gone over with a fine tooth comb as one of the first (if not the first) 2009 in the States. I have reason to hope s/he's released on Sunday and will arrive home next week.
Mine is in Baltimore, right now, having been "discharged" from the shipper yesterday. I think the ones for the East coast all come in there, according to the Port Authority Mercedes has 44 acres right on the terminal.
So mine is "in the same boat" as some of you who posted - that of being just OFF the boat and me waiting. I haven't gotten any recent info from the dealer, but the last word was that it can take 1-2 weeks to process, and they still expect it in Michigan in November.

Just have to wait, I guess. Nothing else to do, insurance is lined up as well as friends and family who want a test drive...
Mine was one of the 1st '09s that hot the shores aboard the INDEPENDENCE II, which docked in Baltimore on Oct. 29. It has been sitting there ever since. It finnaly was released yesterday and is likely to get to my dealer in MN in a few days.

I can't wait!

To track your car, the first step is to get the VIN from your dealer.
The shipper uses the VIN to track the car, go to their web site

choose auto cargo, and enter the VIN.

Once you have the ship you can link on the same page for that voyage, or come back another time to track the ship. As it arrives and departs that info is displayed.

Hope that helps.
Linda, your information is great. I had gotten the VIN number from my dealer last month but I didn't know you could track its progress. My dealer has been calling me to let me know that my car was in production, what my Vin number was, that my car was ready for departure at the port in Europe, that my car was on the sea, that my car arrived in Baltimore. Lots of fun. The tracking info tells me my car was discharged at Baltimore on Oct. 29. Now it's day by day as my dealer keeps me apprised on progress (fingers crossed for this week!).
Glad the tracking info helped. I actually haven't heard anything from my dealer this month, but I'll be in touch with the sales person this week for sure. What a strange way to buy a car. I've always thought that just in time manufacture and delivery made more sense than a parking lot full of unsold vehicles - but this is certainly the extreme in the other direction of how cars are currently sold in the US!
If it does make home this month, my wait will have been just 11 months.
It is safe to say, if you have not received your car, it will be a 09 no matter when you ordered.

The 09s arrived suffering from missing EPA Sticker syndrome, that held them up at the port for several days. Mine was due 11-11-08, I hope Virginia Beach Smart Center calls me next week to come and bring it home.
I sold my 08 with 5000 miles on it for a small profit, it was on Craig's list for about 10 minutes when it sold. It seems all the Smarts on Ebay are not moving, the sellers are just asking too much over window. Why pay premium when orphans are available at most Smart Centers?
This morning I e-mailed my dealer for an update on the EPA sticker issue, and she wrote back "I'm not sure if they have resolved it I will look into it more and get back to you." So the 09's may still be held up by customs? The SCOA forum seemed to say that some have been released, but it all seemed a bit vague.
But then again, I guess if the dealers aren't closely tracking it, it must be a non-issue. Seems like basic info that would be helpful to publicize? Her best guess is my car will be ready Nov. 26. That would be two weeks after entering the country.

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