Does any know the manufacturing date that the smart model year changes from 2008 to 2009? Mine is due the end of November and supposedly is in shipment.

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Happy Times are ahead. Last night after speaking Rob Giacalone, a sales rep from Smart Center of Lynnfield, MA, he gave me my smart's vin number. My car which had been due on Nov. 25th should be in some time the first week of December. They had expected several cars in mid November which are yet to arrive.
Using the following website I was able to track my smart. ">Wallenius Wilhelmsen Logistics
It is one of 240 smarties that were loaded on a ship in Bremerhaven, Germany on 11/2/08.
The ship set sail on the 11/4 and has stopped in Zeebrugge, Belgium (11/5-11/7), Antwerp, Belgium (11/8-11/9), Southampton, England (11/10-11/11), and New York (11/20).
She is due to be in Baltimore, MD from 11/22-11/23 where the smarties will be off loaded. She ship will continue on to Charleston, SC and Brunswick, GA before returning to Europe.
The wait is nearly over and this makes me happy.
New smarts that arrived Nov. 23rd being prepared for shipment to dealers. Taken on Nov. 25, 2008 at Mercedes dock in Baltimore, MD (Smart Clip)
New smarts in Baltimore, MD at Mercedes dock on Nov. 25, 2008.

Hey!!!! There's my car :)
When I arrived at the Mercedes dock on Nov 25th there were less than 30 smarts left in the yard from the 240 that had arrived two days prior. I am sure there were red ones earlier. They were moving them to what I think was an inspection area in preparation for loading on the trucks to go to the dealers. I was suprised that the smarts were being moved out so quickly. They must be really hustling to make up for that EPA sticker snafu.
I took delivery today.

Having only driven an 08 model, I have notices that with my 09 the transmission goes to manual mode if you touch the paddle shifters. To return to automatic mode you need to push the shifter sideways from automatic to manual and back.
I got mine the day before Thanksgiving. Awesome!!! Actually, to go back to automatic when you are in Manual by using the paddle shifters, you pull either shifter toward you and hold it for 2 seconds, and it goes back into full Auto. I never use the floor shift to go into manual. It's sweet.
When you enter your vin number on the tracking page which slot does it go in ?......thanks

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