Anyone been looking into the Toyota IQ to be release in mid2009? Anyone make comparisons to SMART FourTWO?

Thanks in advance.

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I've only seen one small blurb about Toyota's IQ, and it did not give many details.

I thought the name a rather cute variation of Smart - which is the obvious market Toyota is looking at for this new model.
Found this link Toyota iQ to become Scion

There is a lot of differences between the two cars to give consumers a lot to ponder if they had the choice. Toyota will be able to produce a lot more of these than smartville: availability may be deciding advantage.

Is there really that much demand for small cars especially with the economy is as it is. The country has a glut of vehicles already built and owned. The mileage advantage is not likely to break-even for the cost of replacing the existing car. Thus the primary market now is for enthusiasts for small cars.

For people who like small cars because they are small, and in particular that they are "personal", it will be interesting to see how the two brands compete. For me, the smart is more personal because engine sits in the back seat.
I'm not so sure, Ken. Just a short time ago gas was $4, and my calculations show that I can save the price of my smart in seven years by fuel economy compared the vehicle I'm parking. Now gas has dropped in half, but that will not be a permanent condition. I believe we'll see $100/barrel oil prices in 2009 or early 2010, if not sooner.
On top of that I believe we'll see changes in tax and other laws as a result of the development of US energy strategy that we have been floundering about in the absence of.
Just look at the car lots. Lower gas prices aren't spurring higher sales. They we really glad to see me at the Smart dealer last week, I had a choice of five cars they had available rather than wait for my order.
The Scion iQ may turn out to be a good marketing for all automakers to prove that if you want a back seat, you need a bigger car. I was looking at the interior shots of the backseat and noticed that there is not much in the way of a window for them to look out. The passengers will feel like cargo or find themselves uncomfortably leaning over to peer over the driver's shoulder.
All good insights. Any good comments on the back seat. It really does not exist. Kinda like a MG or Porsche. It is a jump seat at best.

The last thing I read is that Toyota is not sure when it will come to the US. I read 15-24 months but that was just a quess.

I think the SMART has distinct advantage, I am trying to gather all the facts and appreciate everyone's help. Hope I get one of the Brabus orders.
There appears to be perception that it's Toyota (Scion) iQ vs Smart world. It's not. The micro car world is expanding and there is plenty of room for both (and more). It's a difficult segment as the profits are harder to achieve with the Safety / MPG / Cost requirements competing against each other. In this context both the smart and Toyota iQ will be winners as they are great cars and profitable to their makers. It's the other car companies that will find it hard to compete against the iQ and the smart.
Toyota will sell the IQ in Europe in 2009...It offers a turbo diesel that is faster 0-60 than the gas version...It may be too expensive to sell the IQ in the USA unless gas prices increase...The Smart is cheaper and better looking....
Hello, i have been looking at the IQ for the past couple days, there isnt just one site out there that gives you all the information you need, but i was luckey enough to find tid bits and a article in a magazine. The IQ is a so called four seater, the passenger seat sits further forward then the driver to allow more leg room to the back passenger, as for behind the driver seat, there is enough room for a child seat, or a very small friend. You have the choice of filling the car with people, or stuff, not both. the back seats fold down for added space, but with no extra cargo space behind the back seats leaves little room for "crumple" in the case of a rear end collision, I read they just added an extra air bag to make the blow softer for those in the back seat. It has a total of 9 airbags throughout the car, but lacks the Tridion Cell, keep in mind the Tridion is what makes the small Fortwo car able to with stand the impact from larger vehicles. Safety plays a big role in bringing this car to the US, with out a Tridion rip off of some sort i think this will be very difficult.
Most of the key points about the iQ have been hit here. If not, there have been a couple of other discussions concerning the iQ and comparing it to the smart. Look for those.

Here are some things that are missing from this discussion. The iQ will not be as tall as smart and will be a bit longer (8-10" if I remember right, but don't quote me). The production car will be FWD (as opposed to the RWD show car). The fuel tank will reportedly be flat, wide and long and under the floor.

Some smarts owners say they think that the iQ is ugly. However, in other forums, lots of people say that the smart is ugly and the iQ is nice looking.

The reported price for the iQ is closer to the mini than the smart. Incidentally, the trend on the dollar to yen exchange rate is not looking so good for Japanese goods sold in the US. On the other hand, the dollar to euro exchange rate trend looks good for European goods sold in the US. However, sales of the iQ in the US are far enough out that this could change.
I just said this on one of the blog entries but here goes ...
The IQ has an angry look to me.

Compared to the friendly smiling front of the smart.


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