It seems that several owners have had broken windshields due to rocks and have found that replacement requires replacement of the rain sensor as it is apparently one piece and bonds to the windshield. This seems to be driving the cost of a replacement from maybe $500 to around $1000.
There also seems to be some uncertainty if windshield replacement coverage from the insurance companies will cover the replacement of the rain sensor.

Has anyone had any experience with this yet or does anyone know if my assessment of the situation is correct?

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Ken. Wow ! that's a hooker. We work our car, and mix it up with trucks often. (Going on 8,200 on the ode since Feb.). My question now is: can we replace the windshield and not reinstall the rain sensor with out flashing lights and ECU re-map ?

We are ordering another Smart in July, and after reading about this issue it will come less the rain sensor stuff. :o) a2jack.
The windshield (w/rain sensor special glue) by itself is about $380 and the total replacement cost is close to $700. They keep the car for 24 hours to make sure the glue sets up properly.
I happen to be the first windshield replacement in Arizona stated the Mercedes-Benz of Chandler Arizona. I have free glass replacement with American Family Insurance but yes they did have to replace the rain sensor along with the windshield because the film that protects the rain sensor from sunlight couldn't be transferred. I was told that with other rain sensors on other Mercedes vehicles you’re able to get just a new gel adapter for the existing rain sensor. Dealer said that because it new that later down the road that they may make the new gel adapter available for windshield replacement.
We're on our third windshield and this one has two end-to end cracks waiting for replacement. We've found the vehicle to be excessively vulnerable to stones due to its low front profile with so much exposed windshield at the lower part. Cost has been over $ 1,200 each time and for us $500 a crack (no pun intended) for the deductible. Needless to say we're living with the current cracked windshield.

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