We are just now at about 1600 miles and are pleased to be getting 39 mpg, mostly short trip (5 miles or less) miles. How's everyone else doing with gas mileage? I read on one of the other posts an owner who had the European model getting 60 mpg, Wow! Our US version, 3-cylinder gasoline engine is not doing as well as the desiel model from Europe,but we are happy with it. Thanks for the input everyone :-)

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How are you getting 39!!! The best ive seen is about 32!!
I am only at 700 miles. Only getting about 33 mpg -- did your mileage improve after 1000 miles. Also, does anyone know how to improve the mpg by driving it one way or the other -- ie. paddles or auto only. etc.
Do Not Drive Auto Only!! It waste a lot more gas. Shift yourself, don't be lazy. The difference from my friends repeated experiment is like 6-8 mpg differance (low 30 vs high 30's)
Reading the Owner's manual yields tips to good mileage. You really need to "grandma" the car to get great mileage. If you drive in "D" with gently pushing the accelerator, you will find the car shifts often. In so doing, you WILL improve your mileage. Avoid using the engine for decelerating as well. Our first tank we got only 29 and were being way too rough on the car in our enthusiasm to use the shift mode. Next tank: 38. Next tank 42. Now we've even learned where the downhill areas are in our neighborhood and we shift into neutral to save even more!
FYI, the European model is a gas hybrid. Their gas versions were on the streets in '99. The diesel hybrid version (next year) will get closer to 98. We won't see those (hybrids) here for a while.
Hi folks.... my latest fill up was 38+ combined city/hwy. I've had my PDL CAR since 5/2/08 and currently have 2076 miles on her. The fuel economy did get better with each tank I've had, however, I'm learning to drive all over again too. My last tank I ran completely on auto and tried very hard to keep the speed below 70..... that makes a HUGH difference I've found. Additionally, while 38 isn't on the high side of what some folks are getting, I felt very happy with that considering I live near Palm Springs and earlier this week it was 112 on I-10 while driving through. The winds were very high that day and going up the long hill to the west of PS I could only get 60 mph with the peddle floored. (high head winds also) The rest of the week it's been a lot cooler, (98-102) and to top it all off.... don't know if it makes much of a difference, but I had the top down several times and of course.... ALWAYS run the air conditioner max'd out. So.... 38...... okay..... beats the heck out of the 15-17 I was getting in my truck and this thing is actually fun to drive!! (smile)

I'd be interested in knowing if the Passion gets better mileage than the Cabrio. I'd think the drag coefficient would be greater in the Cabrio than the Passion, but then again, it might not make up enough difference to really matter.

Best wishes,
Are you saying that we should drive it in Auto and not use the paddles for better mileage? And what do you mean by avoid using the engine for decelerating as well, if you are in auto -- please give me your secrets to getting 42! I bought this car for improved mileage and really want to improve what I am getting. Thanks!
So - what is the best mileage anyone is getting CONSISTENTLY? The reports seem to be all over the map- It is a little discouraging....
wait until you have around 1200 miles. your mileage will continue to improve. Also, keep your speed in check, driving in excess of 70mph will hurt your mileage
I've had my Smart since Feb 4th and have almost 4000 miles on it and have found a reasonable average around 35-38 mpg. With the AC on however, it dropped to around 28. If I fill up the tank when it only needs 3-5 gallons, mpg goes to around 45, which means the odometer is wrong. I have my Garmin 760 GPS and my Escort 9500 with GPS and both say that my speedometer is two miles too fast. If the odometer is somehow connected to the speedometer, then that will skew the milage also.
Thanks for this, much appreciated.

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