We are just now at about 1600 miles and are pleased to be getting 39 mpg, mostly short trip (5 miles or less) miles. How's everyone else doing with gas mileage? I read on one of the other posts an owner who had the European model getting 60 mpg, Wow! Our US version, 3-cylinder gasoline engine is not doing as well as the desiel model from Europe,but we are happy with it. Thanks for the input everyone :-)

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I have 3600+ miles on my Pure, Blk/Blk. Have had it for 2 1/2 months. I drive it at elevations of between 7000 and 5200 feet, usually keep it under 65mph on the open road, in auto mode, combo urban and rural, feather the pedal and have been using mid-grade gasoline. I have been getting between a high of 50mpg to a low of 42mpg. The lower with ac use. Of interest though, is that I didn't feel confortable without a spare so i ordered a steel rim from the dealer and a conti tire on the internet and carry it in the car. Fits in the back with no problem.
US Smarts are a bit bigger to suit US road conditions and don't get as good MPG.
However the MPG is better then the mini-van we replaced.
Jim and Pat,
I got the US version of smart and I got 60.75 mpg on a long distance trip (driven 502.8 miles on nearly a tank of gas). The car had over 7k miles on it. In regular daily driving (30% city/70% highway I seem to be averaging closer to 48mpg recently and it keeps improving. I am happy with it too.
I have a little over 2800 miles and on three occasions have calculated my mileage by filling my tank, driving until almost empty, dividing the total mileage by the total # of gallons and all three times I get 42 , pretty much 50% highway and 50% city, driving the posted speed limits, mostly flat terrain, no AC, no extra weight, automated. Not sure of the most accurate way to calculate it though. EPA site http://www.fueleconomy.gov/FEG/ratings2008.shtml
9000+ miles. 38.5 to 41.5 depending on how and where I fill the tank.
Mileage does vary greatly, depending on a lot of factors. During my first 2 months, I have driven in a variety of different circumstances, with and without the air conditioner, in the city, on the freeway, in sunshine and in rain, and sometimes I stay around 65 mph, and sometimes I push it higher. I have been getting different results each time. Here are my numbers, recorded in sequence, after each fill-up:
35.4 mpg, 38.6, 35.7, 44.6, 35.5, 38.5.

All this was in automatic mode. I'll try switching to manual for a while, and see how that affects my gas mileage.

By the way, I always fill up with Premium gas, with the highest Octane rating I can find. Interestingly, the best result of 44.6 mpg was obtained after I filled up at an ARCO station. At other times, it has been Shell. I wonder if there's a difference there?

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