Just wondering if people are purchasing a smart as their one and only car for year round, all season driving. Or, do they use the smart as a second car?

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my smart is my only car =)
This will be my drive everywhere car. I currently drive a Ford Ranger truck. I'll keep the truck, because it is so useful. And my friends and family borrow it all the time. It is 13 years old, and semi-retirement makes sense. So as far as transportation goes - I will be walking, bicycling, driving the smart, occasionally using the truck, and canoeing and kayaking, probably in that order!
Right now we have a 06 Toyota Highlander (46,000 miles) and a 97 Toyota Camry (162,000 miles). When the smart comes in, hopefully around July, it will be replacing the Camry. Right now we plan on driving mostly the smart and kinda give the Highlander a rest. The Highlander will be for trips of 200 miles or more and when we will have more than 2 people and the smart will be for all other times, and for fun times.
Thanks for the feedback. We currently own an '03 chevy tracker and a 95 dodge dakota truck. I have thought about trading in the truck since it is mainly used for commuting to work and the occasional trip to the hardware store. But, really is not cost effective to keep three vehicles. Besides, the dakota has a 318 v8 and gets about 16 mpg. Have also considered putting a hitch on the tracker and getting a small utility trailer for the few trips to the hardware store or hauling things to the dump. I plan on using the smart as a daily commuting vehicle year round.
Unless I'm carpooling with my husband (usually about two days a week, as our schedules are very different), I'm driving MY car - the Smart! (He's a lousy passenger, and he's NOT allowed to drive the Smart, so when carpooling we take his Accord.)
I am purchasing my smart to be my year round driving car. In my line of work I travel a lot and the smart will be perfect. The only time we will be using the Blazer I now have, will be when our family is going somewhere. My husband will be purchasing a smart as well after about six months from the time I get mine. We will still need the blazer until my last child becomes legal to drive. Can wait to have my JACK!
The smart is mine, and I drive it all the time. My husband has a Ford F150 pick up, for when we travel and need to stow luggage, or when others ride with us. When it's just the 2 of us, he enjoys me driving him around in my car.
I currently drive a '96 2 door Chevy Tahoe that has only 80k, relatively low mileage and good on gas for its size (16 mpg overall average).
My wife drives our '05 Chevy Malibus Maxx. It is good on gas (26 mpg overall average), very spacious, and very comfortable on long trips.
We like to take our '31 Ford Model A Roadster to get icecream in the summer.
When I receive my smart, it will become my primary car for day to day driving, however, I will continue to use the Tahoe for plowing snow and pulling my 2.5 ton dump body trailer.
the smart is my only car. However, I also have a Harley Sportster.
I use my car all season and it's the only car I have. I've driven from Buffalo to Alfred to Rochester to Buffalo in one day and my Smart kept up just fine. I also went to Chitakwa and back and had no problems.
I currently drive an '05 Suzuki Forenza wagon. We also have a 2001 Dodge Caravan for the family. No plans to change this. I ordered the smart for my kids, the first of which turns 15 next March. I know they'll enjoy it & I feel much safer having teenagers in a two-seater with the safety features smart provides than anything else I can imagine. With our smart arriving in January, the timing is perfect!
It is my only car. I do have a Kawasaki Ninja 500R, but that's not really a viable option when there's snow and ice on the road. I commute about 30 miles a day.

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