Just wondering if people are purchasing a smart as their one and only car for year round, all season driving. Or, do they use the smart as a second car?

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In addition to our 08 smart, we have an 06 Honda Ridgeline Pickup (tows our camper or boat) and an 07 VW Eos hardtop convertible (midlife crisis car). Our smart is definately our "daily driver" and preferred ride. The Ridgeline gets used only when hauling/towing is needed and the Eos hasn't been out of the garage since November (no convertible weather in SW Virginia).
My husband and I use our Smart as the car we drive most when we are together. We live in a small town west of Houston. We have a Wal-Mart in town, but not much more, so we go into Houston quite a bit. We have no problem with driving our Smart on the freeways of Houston. We have been passed by semi trucks and have driven on very windy days, but never felt vulnerable. After years of driving an Isuzu Trooper, that is surprising. My husband has a Dodge Dakota pickup with four doors, so we do have a vehicle that can handle more if we should need it. When he is going somewhere himself, he usually takes his pickup and leaves Miss Smartie with me.
I live alone in New York City and despise the current state of out mass transit system. (I can say that - I work for the Transit Authority.) I got "max" on November 6, 2008 and, four months later, I've only travelled 3400 miles, mostly daily commuting.

So far, the only two driving negatives about the car, wind and slippery roads, are a problem only when they are combined.

Since "max" is my one and only, I have made one or two longer trips, and the car performs just fine.
I purchased a red cabriolet at the grand opening of the Fort Worth Smart Center last week. i have a blue one on order due in aug/sept. I purchased mine for daily driving. i drive about 80 miles round trip each day to work. So far I love it. Weather has not been good for opening the top but it is getting better this week. I have driven it in 25 to 35 mph gusts of wind with little or no problem. Great little car so far. The only thing that scares me so far is the price of oil changes that I have seen in other discussions. Have a great smart day.
I have a 2009 Mercedes SLK300 ,I drive alot of the time ,but being treated so badly by my dealership in clearwater when I take it in for service ,I prefer my smart car to it
I have a black/black/red passion that I use as a daily driver. It worked out so well that my wife now has a blue/blue/black passion as hers, and we share our carport!
Have you hit your 20,000 mile service yet I would love to know what the dealer hit you for on it

Dariusz said:
It is my only car. I drive it to work (47 miles everyday) and for fun (up to 1200 miles trip). Got great mpg: over 60 mpg when I am not in the hurry and down to 40 mpg when I am. So far drove about 16k miles in it without a single glitch. Accident avoidance ability of this car is nothing short of amazing.
While I love drining my Smart, it is not big enough (storage space) to be my only car. It does make a great second car, at lease, for how I use a car.
My smart is my one and only car. My other car a 350sd turbo deisel mercedes gave to a good friend ,a beautiful car excellent shape but , the smart is mine have had no problem going long distance from my house in Alabama to Atlanta and back over 200 hundred miles each way . Steady on the road even when the big rigs go buy. And this is top down weather Praise the Lord for that. Pastor Mike Curzon driving happy top down music sounding out.
Theodore Emilio Montecillo said:
I bought my smart fortwo Passion Cabriolet as my daily driver. Remember that it is a two seater with a small trunk.
That's great Michael. I just picked up my new 2009 red/silver Smart 6 hours ago and have 204 miles already, This is a fun car.
I also have a pickup truck and a four door sedan. I drive the Clown Car to & from work mainly, that's where nearly all of my driving is done since that comes to 86 miles daily. Less than $20 weekly, while my pickup was $80 last summer. With 156000 on the pickup I now can use it for when its needed, and it will last a long time instead of being burned up in the next year or two.
I'll also drive the Smart when my wife & I take a trip, it will limit the packing she can shove in.

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