Just wondering if people are purchasing a smart as their one and only car for year round, all season driving. Or, do they use the smart as a second car?

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Hi- Our Smart is the "spare" car. My husband bought it for me for a fortieth wedding anniversary present. And I am in love with her. I drive Rosie with her top down and i-pod blaring back and forth to the Malls to shop. What fun.!! never too old to have a new toy. Aileen
We pick ours up tomorrow. We have four drivers, and most trips involve only one or two of us. The smart is to be the car of first choice, and the Dodge Grand Caravan will be the vehicle of last resort. My personal daily driver is an 05 GEM e4 (I get the best mileage of all--the equivalent of 150+ mpg on Kentucky coal and Carolina water), and the 02 PT Cruiser is my wife's daily car as she carries supplies as an itinerant occupational therapist.
There are five in our family, so we have to have a large car in addition to the Smart. However, I have figured out that 95% of our driving involves one or two people. For all practical purposes, BREUZR is our main ride. And I wouldn't have it any other way. I really drive much more than I need to, just because I love it so much.
I just drove mine home last night. I live in Colorado and I am intending for my Smart to be my year round car. We don't get unmanageable snow that often here. Those infrequent times are the only thing I will have to figure out, when they happens.
We have 3 cars for the two of us - our 2008 Smartie, a 2006 Porsche Boxster, and a 2009 Mercedes ML 350. We love driving the Smartie so much we had to replace the battery in the Porsche from lack of use ! We drive the Smartie everywhere including from Plano, TX (North Dallas) to Round Rock (North Austin) a couple of times. And, yes, I passed several groups of motorcyclists on their way to an Austin meet, and got many thumbs up gestures and lots of smiles. Our Smartie is our main car for just driving around - everyewhere !
I sold my mini van and now only have my smart car...I love it...it's just me, so no problem...drive it back and forth to work every day right beside 18 wheelers and suvs on the 610 loop in Houston, TX....I love it..
My SMART is my main car, when I get the chance to drive it.... My wife has a '09 Toyota Corolla but she and my daughter seem to always take my SMART car on their excursions. I do have an '03 S10 crew cab for pulling my trailer.
We waited a year and the Smarte will be for our daily commute with my wife and I together.
We drive 25miles 1 way so the Smart thing we wanted was a vehicle like this one that is economical and smart to drive along as fun.
I'm interested in your findings. Please see my blog requesting market research data. Thanks, Dana.
I purchased my Smart to drive to work. I drive 80 mile round trip each day. I work 8 days on and 4 off. I have had my 2009 Smart Cabrio 2 months and I now have over 4000 miles on it. I love it and look foreward to driving each day.
Yes, I bought my for everyday to work, sumer and winter driving in Seattle, WA are. And coming from Poland and Germany I'm sooo use to small cars.
We bought our Smart Car in Nov. of 2008 and use it for short trips to the grocery store, errands, doctor appointments, etc. We have 950 miles on it and just love it. We do have a larger car to use for trips and getting on the freeway.

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