Just about everything related to driving my smart is fun. It cheers me up when I'm driving to work, and I can't get out of work fast enough so I can drive home. It feels like I've stepped back in time with all the friendly smiles and waves. If that isn't enough joy, today I got a "smart emergency kit" in the mail. Inside were gift cards for Starbuck's, Barnes and Noble, and a gas card for Exxon Mobil. How nice is that! Do they send these to all smart owners? The happiness just keeps on coming!

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I also recieved this a few days ago nice surprise to bad I dont have a starbucks nearby (not that I like coffee) Dont go to barnes and noble, and dont get my gas at Exxon mobil. Oh well it was nice of them to send them out anyway!!
You can send it to me! I go to all those places.
Have had my Smart about exactly a month and just recieved the kit also. Thought I might use any cards I can't use,(no local Starbucks) to add to someones Christmas present. Even if I didn't use any of them it is just the thought that they do stuff like this. I worked in automotives for years and at a couple of dealerships and I can honestly say that no dealership I ever worked for or heard of has ever made buying or owning a car so fun or easy.

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