Seattle to the Grand Canyon. Put on about 3200 miles in 9 days. No trouble at all. Still working on photos.
I did find out a few things.
Top speed (per speedo) is 92mph.
Long ,steep hills do take some downshifting, (I mean long & steep) elevation in Bryce canyon is over 9,000 ft.
Anti lock brakes do work , 70 to 0 in oh-sh## (deer in road) and flashers come on when they activate.
You do get some wind buffeting when passing a convoy of semi trucks.
The term " your milage may very" is real. At 75-85 m.p.h. milage defenatly goes down. Tried to hold 70-75 & was back up to 40 +.
more latter.

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John, glad you enjoyed the trip in our smartys. could you explain the activated flashers part? I'm intrigued by the car being SMART enough to do so!
During an emergency stop, the Smart Fortwo will automatically activate the Hazard ligths to alert other drivers of your panic stop. Depending on the brand and model, a lot of cars on the road today have similar systems. BMW activates aditional brake ligths during hard braking (located where the rear fog ligths would be in Europe) Mercedes on the S-class will flash the LED brake ligths at a fast rate during a panic stop, apparently flashing LEDs will make other drivers react quicker. Lexus on the LS460 and LS600 during normal braking uses the High Intensity brake ligths and the lower intensity parking lights. During a panic stop every LED switches to High Intensity mode. They call the system Adaptive Brake ligths, pretty cool if you ask me. All we need now is Mercedes's Distronic Cruise control with pre-safe!!
The manual says that your speed has to be higher than 40 mph (or there abouts) whenyou slam on the brakes and only if you come to a complete stop.

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