Twice now - once about a month ago, immediately after I filled up the car, and then today for no apparent reason - my smart has bucked. That's the best way I can describe jerked as if I were stepping on the gas, then suddenly braking, repeatedly. It did it 4 or 5 times in rapid succession, smoothed out, then did it again, then stopped and ran fine.

Has this happened to anyone? If so, what happened next? I'm planning to take mine in for a wash and vacuum, and to ask to have the shifter lubricated, and I'll ask about the bucking while I'm there. Just wondering if anyone else has experienced this?

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I had an experience that sounds similar some months ago- filled up and got on the freeway. The car started jerking and "bucking" but still ran. I assumed bad gas- went to the auto parts store-got a bottle of Chevron Techron fuel injector cleaner. Switched from Shell to Chevron. No re-occurance.
Did you top off the tank? I had mine do this once it was when I topped off the tank. Now I just fill till it shuts off and it has not done that again.
I never top off the tank and I've had this experience at least twice. It's like the car can't pick a gear. I apply the gas and it won't shift up and if I let off the gas it like almost stops, because it slows down so much. The only way to make it shift up is to press down all the way on the gas (making it rev up a lot) or switch to manual and shift up on the paddle. I hate it when it does it because it makes the whole car jerk and it looks like I have hydorlics or something.....

I'll be calling my dealer about getting my clutch lubed shortly....
Thanks for the replies - the first time I had just filled up, and topped off, not yet having read advice here not to do so. The 2nd time it happened, I had not filled up for several days, and hadn't topped off with that fill up. It was as Neco described it, just out of nowhere. I wonder if the dealer will look at this while I wait...
You may want to talk to them about the trany they had to replace mine it may be related to this problem...
Bill, what did they do to your car to correct the problem? I noticed when I got my car back yesterday after the software upgrade that it jerked a little initially. I thought it might be the car having to "relearn" my driving peculiarities again. I will be paying close attention these upcoming months. I want everything smoothed out before it's a year old.
Well.... you also have to remember that at the core, it IS still a manual transmission, which can be prone to bucking/odd behavior, especially in first gear.

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