On Black Friday I was at the mall looking for parking spot, I drove past 2 police officers waiting for a tow truck to tow a SUV that was parked illegally. Both officers were looking at my car, after I parked my car I walk past the officers. Out of curiosity, one of the police officer asked me "How fast have you driven in that car?". I gave him a funny expression, thinking how I can answer that "question". Then he realized why I gave him that look, them both of them laughed. He ensure me it just a curiosity question. I told him on my trip from L.A. to San Francisco I've step on it past the 90s. He told me once on the freeway, he's seen a Smart zigzag through traffic and it looks very dangerous. I told him this car feels safe, and suggested him to try out the car at a local dealer.

Have any interesting questions asked by a police when driving a Smart? Please share it!

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When I first got my Smart the CB police stopped me.... he told me it was that I had put a key on the back of my smart.. ( I think it was just to look at it).. He asked me to take it back off it was a distraction to other drivers.... I looked at him and said the hole car is a distraction to other drivers....but yes I was nice about it. I then asked him if he had asked all the VW drivers to remove theirs...he replied no.. so I asked him is there a law saying I cant have it on there.. and he said no .. so I said well then you have your answer to your question then don't you...he smiled and said well I gess you are right so have a good day and let me go on. So that is why I think he just want to see the car... Who can blame him. They are GREAT... Oh I also gave him a flier and card from the Smart center that seemed to make him happy.
To Jim, I too have put a "little" something on the rear of my smart. I constructed a trailer hitch to pull the trailer I constructed, but when the trailer is not there I wanted to do a little something. I went to a local hitch business and found a boat propeller. I put this on the smart and everyone seemed to like it. I was questioned if "THAT" was the way it was powered, would it run in water things like that. THEN one day, like you was stopped by the "man in blue" and was told something similiar to you, that it was a distraction. I asked him, as nicely as I could, if he had looked at this car. He said he had and that was why he stopped me. I replied to him then it was the car and not the propeller that initiated the stop. As he was looking for the answer, I asked him if it was illegal, and was told no it wasn't, BUT it MIGHT detract somone driving down the road. I asked him if he had anything more for me, he looked kind of strange and I told him I had place to go. He handed me my license back and away i drove, WITH my propeller still there. I wanted to say isn't there someone REALLY doing something wrong that COULD be taking up your time, but I knew the answer and thought better of it.
I was pulled over the other night by 2 police officers. I had just gotten in the middle of the road so that I could turn into sunoco and fill up when the officer pulled up behind me and put his lights on. I felt it unsafe to stay in the middle of the road so I continued to pull into sunocos lot. Not to long after I'd pulled in another cop car got behind me and other people started stopping to look at the "Smart car" that got pulled over.

He got out of his car and asked for my information. Unfortunately I accidentally threw my registration out when I purchased my Smart so I pretended to search for it in my glove compartment. He proceeded to shine the light in my Smart and ask questions about it. The questions had nothing to do with pulling me over. I gave him my ID and insurance card and he accepted letting me know that I'd get a ticket if I got into an accident and didn't have my registration.

He asked why I was in such a hurry and I told him I was just getting some gas. He said seriously you only have to put gas in this car like every three months! I responded, pointing at my gas gauge that I really did need some gas (I think it was at like .8). He continued to ask me how fast I thought I was going and I said that I really didn't think I was speeding. He said well lets be honest tell me how fast you think you were going and I said I really don't think I was speeding but if I had to guess I may have been going 45. The speed limit on the road I was on was either 40 or 45 I can't remember and I remember looking at my speed just before I slowed down to turn into sunoco and it was at least 50.

He took my information to his car, meanwhile there are at least 7 cars stopped and looking at my Smart with two cop cars sitting behind me. When he came back he handed me my information (without a ticket) and said that I needed to slow down in this little "roller skate" and that if a cat were to jump out I'd be toast. I laughed of course because I didn't want a ticket but what I really wanted to say was ##@*(^^&&%$!!! After letting me off he continued to ask what my MPG was and how fast I could go and what certain controls did on my dash. While he was asking the other cop got out of his car and was shining his flash light in my car to check it out.

So basically the cop couldn't tell me how fast I was going and asked a bunch of questions about my car. But I was ticket free so I guess I'm thankful......... :-)
To Neco, Well they are right about one thing, "they do seem to warrant attention", maybe not the attention we desire, but attention nevertheless. The question I like hearing, and I have heard it 100 times at least is "WHAT HAPPENS IF YOU GET HIT BY A TRUCK". When they ask me that now my reply puts the shoe on their foot.
I ususally ask them how long they have been driving, they reply, and then I ask them how many cars of any size have they seen hit by a truck? They stand there and then reply with the fact that I would not stand a chance. Then I thank them for their concern for my safety, but I have a death wish and this seemed like the most comfortable way to handle that. They give me a look like "this guy is crazy" and go away. I would not trade a single minute of the hours I have spent driving my smart about. I have owned so many different types of cars, from Mercedes Benz, to street rods that have been featured in magazines, but NONE of them get the attention I get in this "little car". I believe, with all that is going on in our country right now we ALL need a little something to smile about, and this "smiling" little car seems to do that to a lot of drivers, and to me as well.
You can do as I have done to speed up the process along the side of the road. I printed up a little "hand-out" telling about the smart. They look like you just gave them a present and move on. You might give this a try.
I think most any car would be toast if it was hit by a truck. People in their giant SUV's think they are safe but I've seen more of those flipped over in a ditch than I've seen small cars hit by trucks. Also, I think any car zigzagging through traffic would look dangerous.

It's fun to read about the funny questions people ask. I can't wait to get my Smart so I can answer a few.
Teresa, when you get your smart you will hear the questions people ask. I have a friend here in town that was actually at a gas station, PUTTING GAS into his smart and a car pulled up next and asked him "IS THAT ELECTRIC". He could not resist and told him "YES, IT IS, I AM ONLY GETTING FUEL FOR MY LAWNMOWER". I have not had that one yet, but have had most everything else. Like I have said many times, I have owned or continue to own everything from a Freightliner "big" truck, to street rods, custom cars and motorcycles and NON of them get the attention I get with my smart. You will love it, too.
Yeah.... reading about all the attention they get... and how much i wind up looking at one that i see driving around (Lehighton, PA..... not a whole lot of smart's in the area.... and i'm 99% certain mine will be the first Brabus in the area)... REALLY can't wait to get mine.

Jim and Jackie Linton: Yeah. My parents own a '01 Pontiac Trans-Am with the WS6 performance package (Ram-Air and all that fun stuff). Should see the looks one can get driving around in that. Also fun to toy with people driving little riced-out Toyota's.... going down a highway doing 60-65... they come flying up thinking "yeah... my car is more powerful than that thing" (people seem to think that the Trans-Am is constantly trying to race them for some odd reason. they must feel pride whenever they pass it). I wait til they get just about next to the car... and step on the gas. next thing i know that 60-65 turns into 70-75 (never go faster than that... just no point), and they start falling back pretty fast. If they still proceed to go faster, i just back off and pray there's a cop up ahead. lol. devious little guy ain't I?
My wife got pulled over the other day. She's driving along when all of a sudden, a cop is on her tail, lights flashing and the short "whoop whoop" of the siren. Her mind is racing a million miles a minute trying to figure what she had done wrong. Well the cop comes up to the window with no lame excuse like having a wind up key or a boat propeller, and just says "Ma'am, this has to be one of the coolest cars I've ever seen. I just wanted to see it up close. I hope you don't mind. I really didn't mean to worry you none with the lights and all." Then proceeds to ask her a lot of questions about the car being just as polite as could be.

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